chapter 1

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It's winter in New York, and Nick was on his way to NYU, wearing the jacket that Alexys got him for his 21st. She had transferred from University of Miami and he decided to make a surprise visit.

He walks up the stairs with bright, soft, red roses to her dorm. He reaches the door and noticed that is was slightly cracked. Nick let himself in and his brows furrowed at the two fur coats sprawled across the floor.

He followed the trail of shirts and sweaters, heartbeat increasing with every step. He reached the tops of the stairs to see two bras sprawled in front of Alexys' bedroom door. Anger took over the Jersey boy as he barged into the room, his heart breaking at the scene unfolding in front of him.

"Alexys what the hell," his voice trembling. "We have been through so much together!" His girlfriend froze and stood, guilt and disappointment settling in. "Sh-she means nothing to me, I love you."

Nick huffs at her stuttering and drops the roses. To keep himself from doing anything he'd regret, he took the jacket she bought him and threw it at the wall with all the strength he had.

"You're cute when you're mad," the mystery girl giggled as she crawled off of the bed.

"Shut up, Audrey," Alexys mumbled.

"Come on Alexys, lets have some fun... with all of us.." She looked at Nick with a seductive gaze.

He watched as she left kisses down his girlfriend's neck, her hands trailing down to her waist. "Stop," he blurted out. "Go.... back to the bed."

The two girls walk to the bed and lay down with one another, waiting for Nick's next move. His thoughts were so clouded at the moment. He just caught his girlfriend of one year cheating on him... with another girl. He didn't know what to do, what to say, how to feel.

So he did what he thought was right at that moment. He took his shirt off, unbuckling his pants as he made his way to the mattress.

Nick woke up in a daze, and realized all of his things disappeared, just like the two girls. "Fucking bitches stole my shit." There was only one person in NYC that he could call on.

"Tiffany, hey...umm you think you can lend me some of Edwin's clothes? I'm at Alexys' dorm."

"Yeah sure. But why don't you have clothes?" "I'll tell you when you get here," he breathed before hanging up.

As Nick hopped out the shower, there was a knock at the door. "Nick! It's Tiff." He opened the door with nothing but a towel on. He smiled at the pile under her arm. "Thank you so much Tiff."

"Anytime, you're basically the only person that's friendly with me since the breakup." Her smile dropped a little at the mention of Edwin.

"Trust me, you guys have broken up 6 times? You'll be back together." He shouted from upstairs as he changed.
"He texted me to say he'll pick up the rest of his things today before you guys perform."

Nick opened the door and trotted downstairs. "Yeah, it's at Time Square. All of us should be here by now." "Even Zion?" she questioned.

"I don't know, he just got out of rehab so I don't think they'll let him perform. I should get going though, thank you for the clothes."

As they exit the dorm, Tiffany noticed the hickies on Nick's neck. She smirked, "It seems like Alexys really missed you." "Not really... I did something that was so bad last night.."

"Oh my god! Did you rape her-" His eyes widened at the bold statement. "What!? Tiffany, that's why nobody tells you shit because your ass jumps to conclusions! But no, I caught her cheating.....with a girl."

"Wow......your sex game was that bad?" He scoffed and rolled his eyes. "What did Ed see in you?" "I was joking Nick. But if you caught her cheating...what's up with the hickies?" A sigh left his lips before he hesitated.

"I slept with them....both of them."

"I didn't know you were that freaky!!" She giggled to herself. "Tiff, you're fucking annoying." "Okay, okay. So you caught her cheating, got mad but then slept with both of them? That still doesn't explain why you were naked"

"They stole my clothes, wallet, and my keys," he groaned. Tiffany laughs and shakes her head. "I'm guessing you need a ride?" "Nah, I'll call a cab." She crossed her arms. "And how you gonna pay for it, just come to my apartment and we'll figure this out."

"I guessed it sucked that you moved to New York for Edwin just to be dumped a week later." "Yeah...but we will get through this." Nick shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know Tiff, maybe."

"You perform at 9 right?" "Yeah, can you drive me to the hotel?" "We just got here," she protested. "Sorry? I just have things to do." "Let me just take a shower and get ready and I'll take you."
"I guess," he said lowly while scrolling through Twitter.

"Nick, can you come here please?" His lifts his head from the couch.

"Why?" "I need your help." He grumbled, "fuck my life" and trudged to where her voice was coming from.

"Whatchu want, Tiff?" "You." She exited her bathroom, stripped of her clothing. He rolled his eyes to avoid her nudity. Jesus Christ, why me?

"Tiffany, you're the last person I would fuck." "Come on, you had a threesome last night.... just do me," she said with a whine and pressed her body against his. In a panic, Nick pushed her off him. "NO!"

She huffed and sulked to her closet. "Everyone hates me." Nick huffed as he shook his head. "Yeah because of the stupid shit you do! I'm out, man."

"You're not going anywhere." He scoffed as he made his way out her room and down the stairs. "Bet."

His steps halted as he heard the sound of a gun being loaded. "I swear to God, Nick. I'll do it. He spun around and saw Tiffany at the bottom of the stairs, a pistol aimed at his chest.


"Well... you're not wrong. I am." She fell silent as she started to snuggle, tears starting to form. Nick's eyes widened as she pointed the gun towards her head.

"Woah, woah. Hey, you don't want to do that." "Why not?! I don't have Edwin. I have no real friends. My family cut me off.. I'M ALONE!"

"You been taking your bipolar meds?" "I haven't been taking them. It makes me feel so numb." He slowly inches towards the staircase. "Okay... just give me the gun and I'll drive you to the hospital."

"I'm not in need of a doctor." "Yes, you really are. Now give me the gun." Tiffany throws the gun on the floor and breaks down. He sighs and throws her over his shoulder. After dropping her off to the hospital, he parked her car and hailed a cab.

He got it and rested his head against the window and closed his eyes. The bearded driver looked at Nick through the rear view mirror, exhaustion plastered on his face.

"Long day, young man?" "Man you have no idea. It's not even over yet."

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