chapter 5

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     "Hey Fiffany, do you want me to cancel your meeting for next week?" Sammi asked Fiffany as she stuck her head into her office.
     " ahh yes, thank you so much." Fiffany said not looking up from her computer.
     "no problem." the young girl grinned and walked out. As she made her way down the office, she bumped into Austin.
     "hey Sammi" Austin greeted her as he looked her up and down.
     "hi Austin" she says winking at him while she walked away.

Austin and Fiffany have started a fashion line that has been very successful. Fiffany hired Sammi to be her and Austin's personal assistant. Austin has always had a bond with Sammi, considering they went to high school together.

     "you ready to go to the airport austin?" Fiffany asked as she put her laptop and papers into her briefcase, still not looking up.
     "uh, yeah" he replied as he kept looking at sammi as she walked away.
     "maybe I should bring sammi with me on tour. " he added along.
     "why would you bring our assistant to your tour?" fiffany questioned him, finally looking up at her fiancé. Austins face turned red.
     "i- uh- she can be very useful." Fiffany stared at him for a while wondering as to why he would want to take her. "you can ask her if you want to. " With that being said, Austin then headed towards Sammi's desk.

She watches him while he walks towards her. "Hi boss." said Sammi as Austin reached her desk.
     "hey you. I came over here to ask you something." "and what is it you want to know ?" she says in a sexy voice while touching his hand.
     "Sammi!" Austin said in a loud, panicked whisper while moving her hand away from his quickly. "Fiffany can catch us!" Austin turned around and looked at Fiffany. Fiffany saw the whole thing but shot her head down once she saw Austin turning around to look at her.
     "fine whatever, what did you wanna ask me?" She says, clearly annoyed by the rejection.
     "do you want to come on tour with me and the group? " The long blond haired boy said with a smile on his face. Sammi looked up at Austin and smirked.
    "can we have fun?" She asked.
    " fiffany is going to paris, so yeah we can have some fun" He replied back, well aware of what kind of fun she was referring to.
    " Great! see you at the airport." Sammi said as she shot up from her chair and towards the exit, getting ready to head home and pack.

After about and hour, sammi met up with Fiffany and Austin at the airport. Fiffany distanced herself from Sammi after seeing what happened earlier. They all walked towards the international side of the airport, getting ready for Fiffany to board her flight to Paris. They said their goodbyes and Fiffany started walking towards the gate. She turned around one last time and saw her soon-to-be husband and assistant walking hand in hand across the airport. She quickly walked outta line and up to the receptionists desk. " Whens your next flight to L.A.?" Fiffany asked.


"Zion, do you remember anything from last night?" Charlotte asks Zion, walking into the living room.
    "Not really," he replies. "All I remember is me and Mathew taking shots. But after like the 12th shot, I was gone" Zion chuckles slightly trying to convince Charlotte that he didn't see what Edwin and her were doing in his car.
    "Okay, well I'll call Haley and tell her you're here at ed's." Charlotte tells the lanky Canadian that is spread across Edwin's couch. She leaves the boy and walks into Edwin's bedroom. "He doesn't remember seeing us last night," Charlotte says as she opens the door to reveal Edwin sitting against his headboard. Edwin was shirtless with his duvet draped across his legs, preventing the young girl from knowing whether or not he was pant-less as well.
    "Good, so now you can stop tripping" Edwin says, humor laced in his voice. He kicks his legs off the bed and stands up; revealing that he is, in fact, wearing pants.
    "I know, I know. Its just, I feel so guilty. I cheated on Brandon and its just- ughhh" she huffs out as Edwin slowly makes his way over to her.
    "Well Brandon isn't the only one that got cheated on, Nick said that he caught Alexys with a girl," Edwin states as if that would make Charlotte feel less guilty about her actions. He finally makes his way to her, reaching his hands out to grab Charlotte's waist.
    "Wow" the girl says. It wasn't the best attempt, it actually sucked, but it was an attempt nonetheless. She laced her fingers together around Edwin's neck out of habit.
    "Yeah, him and austin are flying to LA today. Supposedly Nick knows where Alexys is at and he wants to go confront her," Edwin carries on his thought about the older boy that was recently cheated on.
    "I don't even know what I'm going to do when I see Brandon," Charlotte lets go of Edwin, still focused on her boyfriend. Edwin's attempt really sucked because Brandon was the only thing on her mind right now.
    "How about not acting how your acting now?" Edwin asks, it sounding more like a statement than a question. He had let go of her waist. His statement came out a bit harshly seeing as he was annoyed that she was still worried about her boyfriend. She just cheated on him. Twice! Once in the car, and again once they got back to Edwin's place.
    "We should head to the airport," Charlotte tries to change the subject as she reaches for her belongings.
    "Haley is here. See you guys at the airport," Zion announces as he grabs the stuff he had at Edwin's apartment and walks out the door.
    "Come on Edwin," Charlotte calls out as she heads into the living room, checking around to make sure she had everything. Wouldn't want to leave anything at Edwin's house.
    "I'm coming" Edwin replies, turning off the lights in his room and the hallway before ending up in the living room with Charlotte.
    Edwin watches Charlotte leave to her car. He knows he shouldn't, but he has feelings for her that he can't act on. She's with Brandon. Edwin heads down to the where his car is parked and unlocks it. He pops open the trunk, throws his stuff inside, and closes it. He gets in and follows Charlotte to the airport.

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