chapter 3

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It's been a week since the show, and the boys are still in New York. They're going to Matthew Daddario's party to celebrate his first album.

"You're actually going to this, Ed?" He sighed and looked at her. "Yes haley, I thought you loved parties. I'm surprised you don't want to go." She lowered her voice and shrugged. "I do but... Zion really needs me with him right now."

"Can you guys please stop treating me like a damn baby, i don't need a babysitter!" the Canadian says angrily as he rounded the corner, fed up with what he was hearing. "Aye, bro.. it's not like that Z! You overdosed on coke!" Edwin says scratching his head.

"Yeah babe, we just want you to be okay.." Haley looked at him cautiously through her dark lashes. "I spent a year in rehab, I'm fine. I just want to be treated normally again." The boy sighed and played with his dreads, leaning against the wall with a small frown. Silence fell across the three as they didn't know what to say.

"Okay... so why don't we all go to the party?" Edwin says trying to lift the mood. "Edwin are you sure that a good idea?" "I can handle a party, Haley." Zion grabbed his jacket and walked out the door, and the three made their way to the party.

"Hey Edwin." He turned around and his face lit up, Haley and Zion leaving him behind. "Charlotte! What are you doing here in New York??" He brought her in for a hug. "I'm actually thinking about moving here!"

"For Brandon?" She nodded and swayed side to side. "Yeah.. but there's a lot of other things too." Edwin looked around Charlotte and raised his brow. "So where is he?"

"Uhh he's coming... he had to go talk to some agent about something." She rolled her eyes and Edwin scoffed while adjusting his shirt. "Yeah, prolly about him trying to go solo." "He wouldn't do that to you guys."

"That's the only thing he hasn't done. Brandon used to be like my brother... then Halie died and he just pushed everything and everyone away except you and Audrey." Charlotte pushed a blonde strand behind her ear and looked away.

"He just needs time." "It's been two years, Charlotte." "Edwin-" He cut her off by walking into the building that led to Matthew's penthouse. "Let's just head in." Edwin and Charlotte walk to the elevator when Charlotte's phone rings.

"Hey babe." Edwin notices her whole attitude change when she frowned. "Brandon, why would you agree to do something so stupid!" Edwin tried to lean closer to hear what the boy was saying.

"I- wow. I can't believe you!" Charlotte hangs up and leans on the wall. Edwin clears his throat and glances at her. "Is everything okay?" She crosses her arms and hugged. "I can't tell you.."

"You don't have to.. I- I just wanna know if you're okay." His time was gentle and his eyes widened as he saw tears forming, before stalling down.

"I just don't get why he does things that only benefit him! He doesn't think about anyone else." He rubbed her arm and hesitated with his question. "Well.. what did he do?" Edwin knew damn well what Brandon did, but he just wanted to hear it.

"He made a deal with another record label. The deal was if he can make a better single than Matthew's album, they will sign him instead." He clenched his jaw and ran a hand over his head. "That bastard is gonna leave us!?"

"Fuck! how many floors are there?" Charlotte groaned and wiped her tears as the elevator dinged and continued past the 18th floor. "We're almost there but if Brandon wants to leave, let him. The guys and I will be fine."

The elevator opens to the party and Matthew approaches them with a big grin. "Hey! You guys made it!"
"Hey, Matt!" Edwin and Charlotte yell over the music.

"Zion and Haley are by the dj. Austin and Fiffany are at the bar, you guys have a good time, okay!" "Always! Thanks, man." Edwin says as he motioned Charlotte to the kitchen. She reluctantly followed and weaved through the crowd behind him.

"Edwin, I'm fine. Really." "I know you are. This is where Matthew keeps his weed," he said with a smirk. Charlotte laughs as Edwin hands her a blunt. "Well.. I can go for some weed."

They started to spark up, letting every worry on their mind drift away with the wafts of smoke. Soon, the two got the munchies. They made their way downstairs and into his Audi to Charlotte looked at Edwin through her lowered lids. "I want fries." "Nah Char, nuggets are the move."

She glanced at Edwin at the mention of the nickname. "Did you just call me Char?" Brandon was the only one who called her that, but she liked the way it sounded coming from Edwin's lips. He looked at her with a blank expression, and they both start busting out in laughter.

The laughter fell quiet, and Edwin leaned over the console, only to be met with Charlotte pulling away. Edwin blushed and leaned back in his seat.

"I'm sorry i was just- I'm high." Charlotte quickly leaned over and kissed him. He grabbed onto her waist and sat her on his lap. She pulled away as the kiss got heated. "No one can know about this, okay?"

Edwin smirks and starts to pull off her shirt. The two start roaming their hands on one another, caught up in the lust and weed. One thing they didn't think about? Being parked outside of Matt's penthouse left them exposed to anyone that passed by.

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