chapter 10

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Edwin was right, I can't protect anyone. Not even my sister. Brandon breaks down while he looks through old pictures of him with his friends and family. He looks at a picture of Halie and the boys before their first performance. He notices Nick's arm around Halie, and his face heats up.

It's all his fault.

He wipes away the tears he didn't know were falling and gets up from his couch, tossing the photos on the coffee table. He heads to his closet, fury replacing his sadness. I'll make this right Halie, I promise. Brandon cocks the pistol and heads to his door.

"Zion, please pick up the phone!" Haley says leaving her 7th voicemail. I hope he is okay, nobody has heard from him in days. When Haley told Zion that she wasn't sure the baby was his, he drove off and nobody has heard from him in 2 days.

Zion sees the messages everyone is leaving him, but chooses to ignore them. He looks away from his phone and snorts another line of coke. I should kill him. Zion thinks to himself, how everyones lives changed because of their fame, and Tiffany noticed how tense he seemed.

"Ease up, Zion." "Shut up, I'm only here for the coke." Tiffany looks at him with confusion, sending there was another reason he was at her house. "Why are you here besides for the coke?" Zion wipes his nose and lets out a sigh, hesitant to tell her.

"Haley is pregnant." Tiffany laughs and leans back on the sofa. "...and you don't wanna be there? or..." Zion stands up and cut a glare in her direction, clearly fed up with her quips. "She doesn't know if the baby is mine." Tiffany's face fell as silence filled the room.

"Well...who did she cheat on you with?" Zion wipes his nose and clears his throat. "Matthew." She scoffs and cuts another line. "Wow, really? What a hoe- Matthew, not Haley." She bags up the remaining powder and wipes her nose.

"So what are you gonna do?" Zion grabs his duffel bag and shrugs. "I guess I'll see when confront his ass," he muttered and walks out.

Haley has been driving around LA looking for Zion, along with the help of everyone else. "Nick, have you found him yet?"  "No, Audrey and I have been looking since you called." She hangs up and thinks to herself about where he could be. She stops drumming her fingers on the steering wheel and gasps. Matthew.

Zion bangs on the front door until someone answered. Finally Matthew opens the door and Zion barges into the familiar penthouse. "Zion? What are you doing here? God, you look horrible."

Zion drily laughs before dropping his bag. "You fucking bastard." Matthew scratched his messy hair and his expressions grew serious and concerned. "Zion, you're high on something buddy....l-let me call Haley."

Zion jumps in front of him before he turned to go make the call. "You would love to call her, wouldn't you?" Matthew steps back a bit and crossed his arms. "Zion, what are you talking about?" He leans on the door and gives Matthew a sinister smirk.

"You see Matt, I was- or am a drug addict, and I went to rehab. Funny thing happened while I was gone. You fucked my girlfriend, and now she's pregnant and doesn't know who the father is." Matthew is at a loss for words, and stares with wide eyes.

"Zion it was-" "Frankly, I don't give a shit what you have to say. I'm not here to chitchat." He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small, freshly sharpened knife and walks towards Matthew, mind clouded with rage. Matthew stumbles backwards and runs up the stairs.

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