Chapter 4

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      "You okay?" asks Haley over the loud speakers. "Can you stop asking me that every 5 minuets? " Zion says annoyingly. Haley walks over to the restroom trying to put her worry for Zion to rest.

"Hey Zion! You wanna shot?" asks a half drunk Matthew.  Zion stares at the shot glass knowing he shouldn't. "what the hell! its a party!" he says while taking the shot out of Matthew's hands and chugging down the drink.

"Hey Audrey, come to the restroom. I need you. " Haley ended the phone call and runs to a stall and starts to vomit. "oh my god Haley!" Audrey yells while running to pull her hair out the way. "Im fine" haley says to assure her "no the fuck you aren't, you just threw up! are you sick? " the worried girl asks with concern in her voice. "Im not sick Audrey." Haley says while walking up to the sink to wash her face. "well are you drunk?! I don't understand how you can just randomly throw up at a party" Audrey says looking at Haley through the mirror. Haley stares at Audrey and then at the floor, tears forming in her eyes. "Audrey I- uh- I think I'm pregnant." As those word came out her mouth, tears fell down her cheeks. Silence fills the room as audrey tries to process what haley had just said. " Everything is gonna be okay. " She says as she walks up to haley and pulls her into a hug. " We're all here for you. Lets just go and have some fun for tonight and we'll talk about this tomorrow. " Haley nodded her head and let go of the hug. She looked into the mirror and cleaned up the smeared mascara from underneath her eyes. " Lets go." She said and out walked both girls.


Moaning can be heard from outside Edwin's car. The windows are fogged and the car is shaking while Edwin and Charlotte finish. "Wow I wasn't expecting that" Charlotte says while putting on her bra. "What? how good I am at this?" He says grinning at char. "no, the size. I thought it would be smaller" she says laughing while she gets out the car. " ill see you later." she says with a wink. Edwin stares at her while she walks back inside the building. He smiles and drives towards the house.


As the girls approached the spot that they were previously at, Haley noticed that zion was no longer there. " Mathew, where's zion ? " she said looking around trying to spot the tall light skin. " He went outside to go get some air, he should be back in a bit ." Mathew said, chugging down another shot after his response. As Haley started walking towards the front doors to go get Zion, he stumbled in and landed into haley's arms." Babe, you will not believe what I just saw. " He said slurring on his words. " Zion, you reek of alcohol." she said trying to help him get his balance back. " How much did you drink? ". " I don't know about 12 shots. " he replied with a chuckle. " But haley, I just saw- " "c'mon z, we gotta go sit you down on a couch." she said cutting him off, not letting him finish his sentence.

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