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Another awe-worth fanart (Santa Sage) done by PissedFujoshi ! I swooned so fricken hard 😭
Thanks for those who are continuously commenting and or voting, or simply by being here! I love you all ❤️✨

I absolutely loves it whenever Sage gets flustered. I just want to hold him and squeeze the living daylight out of him.

So frickin' cute. 😣


* * *

When you are ignored by a person whose attention means the most to you,

The reaction in your brain will be similar to physical pain.

* * *

That Friday, Sage was pleased to find his way home - courtesy of Randall's truck - ultimately being able to plop down on his bed, a few minutes to spare before he was off to work again.

Saturday soon came in tandem, and Sage was keen on spending the day for rest and relaxation when Cecilia entered his room, after knocking.


"Y-yes?" he got out, propping himself up on his elbows. He curiously watched his mother as she sauntered over to him, sitting on the chair by his bed with a steely look in her eyes; the one she wore ever so often when she was set on a decision. Sage's curiosity switched to dread in no time. He hoped they weren't going to the Love's again, as he just couldn't bear it.

"Sage, donut." she began, taking a deep breath. "I'm not complaining or anything, but don't you want to go out and enjoy yourself on the weekend? I see a lot of kids your age do it, and I can't help but feel a little ... concerned."

"O-oh..." Sage mumbled. "I'm okay, mom. I don't really like going out anyways." he admitted, truthfully. Going out just sounded like on big ordeal, worsened by his mild paranoia and anxiety. The fact that his hoodies were 'out of use' wasn't a great motivation either.

Cecilia smiled. "It's alright, donut. I was just thinking. I would say that you should go out and let yourself be seen, but then I know that whenever the time is right, you will meet a nice girl and bring her home." she paused, thinking for a moment before raw realization settled in. "You never bring any girls home, donut."

Sage shifted, peeved by the awkward subject they were talking about. It was never really his forté, and furthermore, what was he to tell her? That he was never really into girls?

Sure he had a lot of crushes before, but they didn't really last long; about a few days until he'd saw someone else. The case with Xander greatly puzzled him, as it'd already been a month and a half since he'd saw him. Sage had instantly fell for him, the moment they met eyes, and even though he hated his guts, Sage's body still betrayed him whenever Xander was nearby. His heart would begin palpitating, his knees getting weak, throat dry, body craving to be touched; all these feelings were just a reminder that he was still crushing hard, and he had a feeling that this crush wouldn't die so easily.

Sage's insides suddenly became teeming with confusion, and anxiousness. Was he gay? What if he was? What would Cecilia say?

The sudden torrent of concern had his stomach flipping, and he began folding under his lips, playing around with his vibrating fingers. Cecilia was a die-hearted church-going woman, who was adamant about following the rules in the Bible, and listening to God's holy word. Sage didn't know her views on homosexuality, but he was almost 100% sure that she'd accept him, or at least wouldn't turn her back on him.

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