Chapter 2

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You sit on a rock, staring at the dirt and kicking small rocks and pebbles. It's not fair. You're the only one left who doesn't have anyone, except that man. But he doesn't seem to upset by it. So why can't you be brave? Start a new life? Maybe you can find your own dragon and raise it, train it to be the best one out there. You sigh. That'll never happen. You're skilled in absolutely nothing.

A twig snaps from behind you and there's a low growl. You jump off the rock and turn around, drawing out your sword and pointing it towards two figures standing in front of you; a dragon and a boy.

"Whoa," the boy says. "It's alright." He holds the dragon back as it growls at you. "Calm down Toothless, it's fine." The boy says. He has auburn hair and bright green eyes. His pale face is covered in freckles.

You drop your sword, the weight becoming too much for your weak arms. The boy bends down to pick it up and hands it to you. "I'm Hiccup," he says.

"_____." You say quietly. You slide the sword back through your belt and stare at the dragon.

"That's Toothless." Hiccup says. You smile at the dragon and hold your hand out to him. Hiccup pats the dragon's head and steps back. Toothless allows you to pet him and you say, "I've never seen a dragon before."

"Really?" Hiccup says. "Then you must be part of the group that just came in." You nod and look down.

"Yeah, that's me." You step back from the dragon and sigh. "They raided my village." You whisper.

"I'm sorry." Hiccup says. You shrug and sit down on the rock again. Hiccup jumps up next to you and you notice how he is missing part of his leg. You look away, not wanting to be one of those annoying people who ask about people's personal things. "Do you know who raided your village?" He asks.

"No, I didn't see. I was forced onto a boat quickly. My uncle was the chief."

"Oh, you're the girl who's staying with us then." Hiccup says. "My dad's the chief."

"Oh. Yeah I guess so." You whisper.

"Are you hungry?" Hiccup asks. "They're serving some food, not the greatest but it's something. They're celebrating the newcomers."

You nod, even though you don't feel like eating over the sadness you feel. Hiccup climbs on Toothless and holds his hand out to you. "You- you want me to ride this?" You ask in disbelief.

Hiccup nods. "It's not scary." He says. You take his hand and he pulls you up behind him. "Hold on," he says. Toothless shoots up in the air and you gasp as everything below you gets smaller and smaller. You arms wrap around Hiccup's waist and you shut your eyes. The flight only takes a few minutes and you sigh with relief as Toothless lands. You basically jump off of Toothless, landing on your face. "Perfect," you grumble. You feel hands on your arms, tugging you up.

"You okay, _____?"

"Fine," you say as you scrape the dirt off your arms.

"I take it that you don't like riding on dragons." Hiccup smiles at you.

"I'm not really a fan of heights." You say, shrugging. Hiccup shrugs in return.

"Follow me," he says. Hiccup leads you to a large room, filled with benches and long tables and vikings who are laughing and talking and eating large plates of food. Everyone seems so happy, and you wonder if you could be as happy as they are again.

Hiccup finds a space in the back and you sit across from him, away from everyone. "I'll.. go get food." He says awkwardly. You nod in return and turn around when you feel eyes on your back. A group of people around your age stare at you. You bite your lip and hesitantly wave before turning back around, your face hot from embarrassment. Why are they staring at you?

Hiccup returns with two plates filled with fish and bread. "Thank you," you say.

"No problem." He says. You begin to eat slowly in silence. Your stomach growls, but you feel too sick to eat. Hiccup notices and looks at you. "You okay?" He asks.

You open your mouth to respond but are interrupted by a chorus of, "Hey Hiccup!".

"Hey guys," Hiccup says. The group of kids who stared at you pile around you and Hiccup, and you find yourself between two boys.

"I am Snotlout, but you've probably heard of me." The dark haired boy beside you says.

"Uh..." you start, only to be interrupted again by the other boy beside you.

"I'm Fishlegs," he says. "Do you happen to know anything about dragons?"

"Uh... no, sorry." You say to both of them. A pair of identical twins lean across the table towards you.

"I'm Ruffnut," the girl says. You smile at her. "This is my dumb brother Tuffnut." She points to her brother. They automatically begin fighting and you blink back tears, remembering your own siblings.

"That just leaves me," a girl sitting beside Hiccup says. "I'm Astrid."

You give her a small smile and wave. Snotlout brushes hair off your shoulder and says, "So I hear you're the only one who survived in your family. Too strong to get killed, huh?"

You shove his hand away and stand up, glaring at him before running outside. "What'd I say?" Snotlout says.

You wipe the tears off your cheeks as you walk down the side of the road. "Wait up, ____!" You hear Hiccup say from behind you. You stop and sigh. "You alright? I'm sorry about Snotlout back there, he's a little... rude."

"A little?" You mutter, wiping more tears off your face. Hiccup sighs and looks down.

"I'll talk to him." He says. All you do is nod. "Why don't I show you around my house, since you'll be staying there?"

"Okay." You say and you follow Hiccup to his home. He opens the door and gestures to you to walk in. You look around the room. "We only have two bedrooms." Hiccup says. "You can stay in mine."

"I don't want to take your room," you say, turning to face him.

"It's really not a problem." He walks up the stairs and waves you to follow him. You trudge up the stairs and look around Hiccup's room. He picks up a few books that lay scattered around.

"You like to read?" You ask him.

"Oh, yeah. Do you?" You nod and smile. "Then help yourself, you can read anything here."

"Really?" You whisper, picking up a book from the desk.

"They're all about dragons," he smiles.

"That's okay. I need to find out more about dragons."

"Well," Hiccup says. "You look tired so..."

You nod. "Thank you Hiccup." You smile at him and hug the book in your hands closer to your chest. He smiles at you before walking out, closing the door behind him. You curl up on the bed and read for a few hours. You fall asleep, using the book as a pillow.

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