ch.1 Gone

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In this story, Percy and Annabeth are 32.
They got married when they were 19.
They had their children when they were 21.
Zoë and Lucas are 11 years old.

Percy and Annabeth had moved into New Rome after graduating university. They were soon celebrating their 13th wedding anniversary.

Lucas and Zoë, twins born on their third year together were adored by both camps and at the age of two received all fourteen blessings from the Gods.

Zoë had her fathers sea green eyes and his jet black hair but in princess curls with a natural tan from birth.

Lucas, on the other hand, had his mothers stormy grey eyes and silky blond hair which was
windswept, also with a tan.

Their parent's talents had beautifully mixed together and now Zoë and Lucas had both brains and power. They were both so perfect that all demigods secretly called them mini-gods behind the children's parents backs.

Percy was now a marine biologist after receiving a blessing from Athena although he was still Annabeth's seaweed brain.

Annabeth went after her true desire and became one of America's most talented architects.

It was a normal day at camp Jupiter, with every house's hearth crackling. all was peaceful in New Rome until there was an attack. The Minotaur was back. As soon as Percy heard the news he came rushing to where his nemesis was. He was too late. He arrived at the tragic scene which will haunt him for the rest of his life.

His wise girl was dead.

He howled in pain as realisation struck him like lightning. He cursed and cried as the water around him started to make hurricanes. Everyone was terrified of what Percy might do and rushed into their now stone cold homes. Their hearth crackling no more.

The Gods themselves came to stop him but no one could calm the hero who lost his heart.
The Gods had a quick meeting to try and decide the fate of the hero but how could they kill the man who was as strong as they?
The Gods and all who knew the situation had lost all hope. Who would have thought that the one Elpis, the spirit of Hope had blessed were two beings at the centre of the hero's heart.

Lucas and Zoë walked to their father. Ignoring the stares and the cries of the grown. They just held their hands together and walked straight past the mighty Olympian Gods. Straight to their father.

The children were important to Percy and were the most important people in his life next to Annabeth. If Annabeth was gone, the only possible people to calm him would be Lucas and Zoë. The Gods, made a shield around Percy, encasing a wild animal-like man with two young children. Athena cried in Poseidon's chest as her favourite daughter died. Poseidon and Athena completely forgot their old rivalry and silently cried with each other.

The gods stared with disbelief as the children whispered in their father's ear, and all hurricanes stopped.

All they did was walk up to him and say ''Mum says that if she could, she'll punch you in the gut and glare at you.'' Suddenly all the hurricanes stopped. All the water fell. And all wind cleared. He looked up with his now bloodshot eyes and whispered to his children with a slightly watery grin. "Now, we wouldn't want that would we?''

End of chapter 1.

It's my first book and I hoped you liked it!!
I'm sorry for those who wanted Annabeth to be alive but to show my readers how important the twins are to Percy I had to let her leave for Elysium.
She will come back later though... maybe.

All rights go to the original authors, J.K.Rowling and
Rick Riordan


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