Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

New Year's Eve

"Okay, we have about 5 hours to get ready for tonight, so let's get started!" Kylie said excitedly. It was 2:00p.m. and we needed to be ready by 7:00p.m. The party started at around 7:30, but we were going to be fashionably late. Kylie left my room to take a bath, and I went into my bathroom to do the same. I put in soap and bath salts into the hot water. I sank into the water and sighed. The hot water felt amazing on my body. I put my headphones on and played my music, relaxing.

After about 2 hours, I got out of the water. I dried myself off and applied lotion to my body before putting on my robe. There was a knock on my door and I opened it, seeing Kylie there with makeup and and tons of things for our hair. She walked into my room, placing everything on my vanity.

"Okay, let's start with doing each other's hair. I'm guessing you want me to curl yours?" She asked me.

"Yup, can you curl my hair into loose curls?" I asked, and sat down at my vanity and she nodded. Kylie blow dried my hair before curling it. When she was done, my hair looked amazing! My hair was in loose curls, just the way I liked it. "Thanks Kylie, my hair looks amazing!" I exclaimed.

"You're welcome, now it's my turn! Can you make my hair really curly?" She asked, and I nodded. I quickly blow dried Kylie's hair before curling it. When I was done, it was really curly, just like she asked. "Thanks, it looks amazing!" She exclaimed.

"You're welcome," I replied, "now we need to do our makeup." We both sat down at my vanity and started on our makeup. I decided to do a black smokey eye using a shimmery black and a charcoal colored eyeshadow. We both curled our eyelashes before applying black mascara. I applied a red sparkly lipgloss. Kylie put on a silver sparkly eyeshadow and a red lipgloss.

After we were done with our hair and makeup, we got out our shoes and dresses. I stepped into my dress before I had Kylie zip up the back for me, and then Kylie put on her dress. We both put on our shoes before looking at ourselves in the mirror. We both grinned.

"Perfect," we both said in unison.

{Leo's P.O.V.}

"Come one, man! We need to leave the hotel now if were going to make it to the New Years party at a reasonable time," Alex shouted since he was already by the door. I sighed, running my hand through my hair. Some of my pack was staying at some hotel in New York since the New Dawn Pack was having a New Years party and we were invited. I walked out of the room and to the door. Alex and I exited the hotel room and headed towards the elevators.

"Why are we going to this, again?" I asked. It's been almost a year since Eden's left, and a lot has happened since then. I became the Alpha, Alex became my Beta, and Jackson became my third in command.

Since Alex, me and some others from my pack came to New York, Jackson stayed behind in Minnesota. I haven't wanted to go to parties or anything like that ever since Eden left. Jackson and Alex still miss her, but they've slowly been able to get back to their lives.

"Because you haven't done anything fun in almost a year. Plus, we might finally meet our mates," Alex said. I never told anyone that Eden was my mate. That it was my fault that she left.

"Yeah..." I said, trailing off at the end. We had gotten into the elevator and it was now in the lobby. We went outside and hailed a cab, giving them our destination. The party was going to be at another hotel not too far from here. Why we didn't choose to just stay at that hotel, I have no idea.

It didn't take long for us to get to the hotel, and since we were running late, the party was in full swing. We showed the person at the front our invitations and were immediately let in.

"This is going to be fun!" Alex shouted over the music. I nodded, even though I didn't really agree. He immediately went into the crowd while I went to the bar I sat down and called the bartender over.

"Hi, what can I get you?" She asked seductively, looking me up and down. She was a red head that had a nice body. She was pretty hot, but I didn't want her. I haven't wanted anyone since Eden left. I'm not going to lie, I have had sex since she left. I'm an alpha and have more urges than an average werewolf, but I never really enjoyed it. It was because I wanted Eden, my mate.

"Just a beer," I said. Everyone here was a werewolf, so we didn't need an ID or anything to get a drink since it takes tons of strong alcohol for us to get drunk. She got it for me and tried to start a conversation a couple of times, but I ignored her every time. She eventually left me a lone and I just sat there drinking my beer.

After about thirty minutes, the most intoxicating aroma filled my nose. Vanilla and roses. My wolf immediately started howling in delight. My eyes widened and they started looking around the room filled with people. I knew that scent. It was Eden's. She was here. My mate was here.

And that's when I saw her. She was standing at the entrance of the room since she had just got there. She was with a small blonde girl and a guy with black hair. But my eyes stayed on Eden. She looked completely different since I last saw her. Her once matted and unruly long toffee colored hair that ended at her waist now ended at the bottom of her rib cage. It looked soft and silky. Her body was amazing. Long tan legs were shown from her short black dress. She was skinny, but not too skinny. Her breasts had definitely developed more since the last time I saw her. She wasn't wearing baggy clothes and I could actually see the form of her body. And she looked sexy as hell in that short, tight dress.

Finally, our eyes connected. I could see emotions swirling in them. First confusion, then anger, and finally, fear. My heart ached, knowing that my mate was afraid of me. The people that were with her were asking her questions, but she wasn't answering them. Her eyes were wide with fear, and they were locked with mine.

I made a move towards her, but she did the one thing I wasn't expecting.

She ran.

{Eden's P.O.V.}

"You guys look amazing," Dylan said. He was wearing a pair of nice jeans and a black button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

"Thanks," we said in unison, smiling. We all headed outside to Dylan's car and piled in. Dylan pulled out of the driveway and headed to the hotel where the party was being held.

"We're here," Dylan said as he pulled up to a hotel in the city. We got out and the valet drove his car away to be parked. When we entered the party, it was in full swing. I smile was on my face, this was definitely going to be fun.

We walked a bit farther into the party and I froze, my smile instantly being wiped off my face. Pine cones and maple syrup. That scent. I knew it. It was his. The person that was the reason why I left. The one person that I've tried to forget about. Leo. He was here.

He was wearing a pair of nice pair of dark wash jeans and a gray button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up. His gold eyes were focused on me intently. He was still sexy.

Dylan and Kylie were asking me what was wrong, worry evident in their voices. I couldn't answer them, I was frozen in place. His eyes were locked on mine.

My head was first filled with confusion, then anger, and then fear. Fear of what he would do to me. The last time I saw him, he hit me.

He made a move towards me and I did the only thing that I could think of.

I ran.


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