Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Sexual Content

Over the next couple of weeks, Leo has been doing everything to make me feel happy. He's spent almost every waking moment with me, and has taken me to a bunch of dates. We even went on a movie and dinner date! It was cliche, but it was cute.

Right now, I was just laying in bed, smiling to myself. Today is my eighteenth birthday. And I was actually excited about it. Even though Leo rejected me on my last birthday, I knew he would make this my best birthday, I could just feel it.

I didn't really care what happened as long as I got to spend it with my friends and family. I was currently in my closet deciding what to wear to school.

I decided to wear a pale, pastel pink three quarter length knit dress with a pair of sheer black tights. I paired it with a black knit hat, black infinity scarf, and a pair of black suede ankle boots. I quickly unbraided my hair once it was dry, leaving it in beach waves. I applied some mascara, black eyeliner, and a pale pink shimmery eyeshadow. I quickly applied some lipgloss before looking at myself in the mirror. When I was pleased with my outfit, I grabbed my backpack before leaving my room.

I walked downstairs and the scent of blueberry pancakes and bacon wafted into my nose. I headed into the kitchen where the scent was coming from.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Everyone shouted when they saw me walk in. In the kitchen was Leo, Alex, Kylie, Jaxon, and my parents. Everyone came over and each of them gave me a hug, Leo being the last. He held me tightly and placed a gentle kiss on top of my head as I snuggled into the warm embrace of his arms.

"Happy birthday, baby," he whispered in my ear.

"Thanks," came my muffled reply. We finally pulled away and sat down at the dining table. My mom placed blueberry pancakes and some bacon on a plate in front of me and my mouth salivated. I was most definitely hungry.

"Let's dig in!" My mom said when everyone had their food.

Once everyone was finished eating and we had all washed our dishes, we all piled into Jax's car and headed to school.


The school was pretty boring, but apparently there was going to be a surprise for my birthday. Leo and I were currently in his car with our suitcases in the trunk heading off somewhere, but I didn't know where. I probably would have been able to figure out where we were going if I had known what the contents in the suitcase were. Kylie, Alex, and Jaxon were in another car.

"Where are we going?" I asked, probably the hundredth time.

"It's a surprise," came Leo's response.

"Why won't you tell me?" I inquired.

"Because it's a surprise," he stated. I pouted, making him chuckle before placing his hand on my thigh. It was about 5pm and it was going to be a long car ride.

I yawned, feeling really tired. The next thing I knew, I was drifting asleep.


"We're here," I heard Leo say. I groggily opened my eyes as I yawned, stretching in the small confines of his car. It was about 10pm right now. I blinked a couple of times before looking around. I squealed, clapping my hands excitedly.

"We're at the ski lodge!" I exclaimed, grinning. I crawled over the center consul and hugged Leo, sitting in his lap.

"Yup, I know how much you love skiing, so your parents agreed to send us all on a weekend trip to the lodge," he said, smiling. I bounced a little on his lap and gave him a quick kiss. He groaned, and I frowned in confusion.

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