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"Come on, Noah, please settle down. It's time for bed," I plead, exasperated. My four year old son, Noah, has been running around his room, refusing to go to bed. His younger sister, Layla, on the other hand, was already fast asleep in her bedroom. She had her father's chestnut brown hair and gold eyes.

"NO! Not until Daddy gets home and reads me a bedtime story," he said, pouting adorably. He had Leo's chestnut brown hair that was as unruly as his and had my green eyes. He was truly the cutest four year old.

"Alright, alright. I'll let you wait for Daddy to get home," I said, laughing as he grinned and launched himself into my arms. I kissed the top of his head and hugged him tightly.

"Yay! Yay! Yay!" He chanted repeatedly. I heard the front door open and knew Leo was home. Noah's head perked up and he jumped out of my arms, running out of his room. "Daddy!" I heard him shout and I chuckled as I followed him out.

When I caught up with Noah, he was in the foyer with Leo. Noah jumped into his arms and Leo tossed him up into the air, making him scream with laughter.

"Hey, little man," Leo said, chuckling. Leo looked at me, grinning. He shifted Noah so that he was holding him in one arm and held his arm out for me. I gladly walked into it and he wrapped his arms around me.

"Hi," I whispered, smiling. Leo grinned, pecking my lips.

"Hi," he said.

"EWWWW!" Noah yelled, scrunching up his little nose and covering his eyes with his hands, making Leo and I chuckle.

"So how was school today, Noah?" Leo asked as he walked up the stairs towards Noah's room.

"It was great! But there's this girl and she's so mean to me," Noah said, pouting. "I've decided that girls are the worst," He declared, making Leo try and fail to suppress his amusement.

"No girls, eh?" Leo said, and Noah nodded his head quickly, making Leo chuckle and shake his head.

"Daddy, you have to read me a bedtime story! I convinced Mommy to let me stay up and wait for you so that you could!" Noah commanded as he jumped out of his arms and pulled him toward his mini bookshelf.

"Okay, which one do you want me to read?" Leo asked, squatting down to Noah's level.

"This one!" He shouted, holding up his favorite book, Where the Wild Things Are.

"Alright," Leo laughed, and we both knew Noah was going to pick that book. Leo picked Noah up and tucked him into bed before reading the book.

I watched with a blissful smile on his face as I leaned against the door frame and watched my husband read to our son.

I remember a time when I had thought about the meaning of my name, and had thought it ironic that it meant 'delight,' and I had thought that my life was anything but delightful.

But now, looking at my husband and son, I now know that my life is completely, and utterly delightful.


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