Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

"Eden, wake up," I heard someone say. I opened my eyes to see Kylie standing by my bed. I yawned, nodding my head before getting out of bed. Kylie left my room and I headed towards the bathroom. I turned the shower onto hot and brushed my teeth before entering the shower. I let the water run down my body before I washed my hair and body with my rose and vanilla scented shampoo and soap.

I exited my bathroom and went into the closet. Since it was January, it was obviously cold outside. The cold didn't effect me as much because I'm a werewolf, but I still get cold. I decided to wear a white knit long sleeve shirt, a denim button down shirt over it, and a pair of black leggings. I paired it with a dark burgundy knit infinity scarf and a dark burgundy beanie. I quickly blow dried my hair and just applied some mascara and lipgloss. I put on a pair of black Steve Madden combat boots and put on my beanie once my hair was dry.

I grabbed my suitcases and carry-on bag and exited my room. There were still items in my room and closet, so Dylan was going to send it to Virginia. Once I got downstairs, I saw that Kylie was in the kitchen. I grabbed some yogurt before sitting down next to her. After we were finished eating, we exited the kitchen to see Dylan standing by the front door with a sad smile on his face.

"Morning," he said.

"Morning," Kylie and I mumbled back. We grabbed all of our luggage and Dylan helped us pile it into his car. The drive to the airport was silent. When we got there, we quickly checked all of our bags except for our carry-ons. Leo and Alex had sent us our tickets over email, so we were able to print them out at the airport. Dylan walked us as far as he could go, and that's when we spoke.

"Bye, Dyl, I'm going to miss you. I promise I'll come back to visit," Kylie said as Dylan hugged her. Her body was shaking as she silently cried.

"I'm going to miss you too, Kye," he said quietly. After they pulled away, Dylan engulfed me in a hug. I had fought back the tears, but they were now streaming down my face. Dylan had been so kind to me and had taken me into his pack when he definitely didn't have to. He could've just kicked me out. But he didn't.

"I'm going to miss you, Dylan. Thank you so much, for everything," I mumbled against his chest.

"I'm going to miss you too. It's been amazing to get to know you. Promise you'll come visit, too?" He asked, and I nodded. We pulled apart and I dried my tears. Kylie and I headed into the security line and waved at Dylan. He waved back, giving us a sad smile.

After getting through security and everything else, Kylie and I made our way to the gate. Once we got there, I saw Alex and Leo there as well. I took a deep breath before we made our way over to them. Leo's head snapped up and his eyes immediately found me. I avoided eye contact.

Alex hopped up and gave Kylie a hug, kissing her on her cheek. I gave them a small smile, and Alex gave me one in return. He may not have been a good brother to me, but I knew that he'd be a good mate to Kylie.

We all sat down, and I made sure that Alex and Kylie were between Leo and I. Hurt flashed in his eyes when I chose to sat next to Kylie instead of him, but I couldn't care less. He's caused me a lot of pain in the past. When they started the boarding process, we were first. I was surprised that we were flying in first class, but then I remembered Leo and Alex were the ones that bought the tickets. Leo was an alpha now and Alex was his beta.

We boarded and I looked at my ticket, seeing that I was in 1A, the window seat I sat down and then immediately groaned when I saw who was sitting down next to me. I glared at Leo as he sat down and he sighed. His golden eyes held pain and sorrow. I frowned, confused. The last time I saw him, he rejected me. He hated me. But now, it doesn't seem that way. And for some odd reason, I wanted to take all the pain and sorrow away.

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