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The bus ran carefully under the rain as she looked out from its window, distracted from the book she was reading and scrutinizing the drops of rain trailing down. She was coming home from a meet up with her group of friends- exhausted from the abundance of social interactions she had to make. She could hardly listen to and understand her music, desperately wanting to just succumb to a long and peaceful slumber.

She took out her keys as she arrived at her apartment to unlock her door, stupidly putting the wrong key in the wrong lock, exhaustion preventing her from thinking straight. With a grunt, she attempted again with a different key.

Finally. She thought, putting her keys on the table and her bag on the floor, grasping on to the book she planned to read before she slept. Crashing onto her couch, she was far too tired to read and eventually fell asleep; her body slowly falling victim to the consequence of hours being out with her friends.

A sound from her kitchen shook her awake not too long after she had just fallen asleep, Are you kidding me? I'm too tired to deal with burglary, damn, not now. She grunted and rose from the couch, walking over to her kitchen still half asleep.

She turned on her lights and discovered what caused the ruckus in her kitchen.

"Who the fuck are you? How did you get into my house?" She shouted at the figure rummaging through her cabinets, gripping tightly to the spatula she had just grabbed. The person closed the cabinets, revealing their face and looked at the girl who looked like an idiot- depending on a frail kitchen utensil to defend her dear life. His blank expression showed no fear of her weapon as no one in the right mind would. His eyes widened in surprise, as if he was the one being robbed.

"It's you," He said as he slowly approached her reaching for what looked like an embrace, but also a grab.

"Stand back, I know martial arts." She said as she went for a weak boxing stance, gripping the utensil in one hand.

He halted and sighed, "You don't have any black tea." he told her as he went back to rummaging through a different cabinet. She furrowed her eyebrows, getting utterly impatient with the stanger before her. Why had he comfortably rummaged through her cupboards as if he lived there and paid no attention to the crime he'd just committed?

"I don't have any tea, so you can just go and leave. I'll give you money to buy some, just leave me alone." She maintained her stance. The man did not reply nor did he even flinch at her offer. "Stop rummaging through my stuff you short twit, I will call the police." She said, threatening him. He glared at her, making her feel minute. Yes, he was short, but he was ridiculously handsome and intimidating. Damn, a hot guy finally shows up in my home and he's a robber. Way to go, she thought.

"I'm not robbing you, idiot. I came to visit. I don't know why I favour your character so much, your house is so filthy it makes me want to be devoured by a titan." He dropped his glare. "And 'short' my ass."

Her mind raced with countless questions- although this man was speaking English she could not understand the words he emitted. This guy is crazy, she thought, gripping on to the spatula with both hands this time.

"Wait, what? What the hell do you mean 'visiting me'? and 'I favour your character'? and 'titan'?" Titan, the word rung in her head and looked at the short man. He... he looks like Levi from that manga I'm reading- "are... are you a fanboy of that Attack on Titan manga or something? Are you cosplaying? Plus, what are you doing in my house?" she continued as she readjusted her spatula, this guy even wears his cravat like Levi and that blank expression is remarkably on point, he's only missing the Scouting Legion cloak.

"What the hell is a fanboy, and cosplay, you damn brat? What a great way to welcome your visitors." He stopped rummaging through her cabinets and crossed his arms, holding a can of tuna in his hand. He sighed "Look, don't be afraid, I have no intention of hurting you. Besides you are the character I can tolerate the most in the book."

What the hell is he talking about? she thought, becoming less fearful and more curious. Whatever he said was just something she failed to comprehend.

"Uh, are you ill or something? Do you want to go to a hospital? I will call your family or something. I know you won't rob me, I can help you." She said, still shaking.

"No, I have no family, and I am not sick, idiot. Just listen to me for one second." He walked past her and sat on her dining table. She gripped on her spatula, bracing for an attack. He gestured for her to sit. He talked to her with a serious tone in his face, convincing her that maybe he was not lying.

"I am here because I admire your character, from what I can understand. I'm not sure how I got here, but I am here any way." He looked to the side, then examined the can of tuna which he was unaware he brought. She sat down on a chair on the farther side of the table- spatula still on hand. Looking at the man, she felt amused seeing the curious face of her 'robber' as he played with the can.

"Character? Are you stalking me, dude?" She was still slightly afraid, not that she minded, however- her first secret admirer, and he was quite handsome, but the thought of him breaking in to her house was pretty strange to her.

He looked right into her eyes, "Yes, my favourite character from the book I'm reading, Dark Shines."

(A/N) okay, so here is my first chapter. If it recieves good feedback I will write more. But the title of the book Levi is reading is also the title of my favourite song but it kinda relates to the story. But I promise that it is the only connection I will make to the song. I will not make you listen to any song or whatever to understand the story.

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