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Pen Your Pride

54. Udder Delight

            There was one cow in front of them. Krislynn was kneeled down on the left side beside Chase, who was already milking the cow like a pro. She was surprised he knew what he was doing and after watching him for a while, she copied the movements. There was a clean bucket below the cow’s udder for the milk so she squeezed the pink flesh daringly, closing her eyes and letting out a shriek as she did.

            The squirt of milk immediately hit her in the face and the cow shuffled in discomfort. “Krislynn!” Chase barked. “Be gentle dammit!”

            “S- Sorry,” she murmured. She tried again after Chase turned away and squeezed again, this time gentler like he had told her to, but her aim was still equally as bad, and the milk got all over Chase’s pants, earning her a low growl from him.

            “He. He.” She giggled, looking at him through her eyelashes playfully as she wiped a bit of milk off her own face.

            Angry, and ever the vengeful one, Chase smirked and returned the favour, squirting milk at her pants until she screamed at him and jumped out of the way. “What I did was an accident,” she cried. “You’re doing that on purpose!”

            “So?” He laughed. Grabbing the bucket of milk, he started chasing her around the barn, threatening to splash it at her.

            “Stop it!” She cried. “Stop it Chase!”

            “Ha ha ha ha ha!”

            “No! No! Stop it right now!”

            “No way! Ha ha ha ha ha!”

            “What the hell are you guys… ”

            At the sound of the disapproving voice, Chase and Krislynn both stopped in their tracks and gawked toward the entrance of the barn. Adam stood there with a small wheelbarrow of what looked to be feed, shaking his head at the both of them.

            “Uh… I was just... ” Chase looked at himself and then glanced over at Krislynn, who was now red with embarrassment. “How long have you been watching?”

            “S- Sorry,” Krislynn murmured.

            “It’s fine,” Adam sighed, and then smiled at the both of them. “Why don’t we switch instead, huh? I’ll milk the cows and you can go over and feed the pigs. It’s quick and easy.”

            Chase jumped at the chance. It wasn’t just because milking the cows was more tedious than feeding the pigs, but also the fact that he just loved pigs in general. He couldn’t explain it. Normally people liked dogs and cats, fishes and horses; Chase enjoyed looking at pigs. It must be the way they looked with their big noses and wobbly ears – whatever it was, Chase adored them, especially the little ones.

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