Just a heads up, I did start writing this story a while back so the movie is a littttttle out of date. Anyways, love ya~ XD  

41. Rock My World

As much as Krislynn was reluctant to admit, Chase’s cooking was just beyond exceptional – to the point where she suspected he hired someone to cook in his place. It wouldn’t be so hard for someone of his prestige to perform, and when she told him so, earned a weary frown from the man himself. “That didn’t happen,” he argued, sitting in the middle of her bed with a metal fork in one hand. “I woke up extra early this morning to make this.”

She didn’t believe him one bit. “You’re not a morning person. How did you even wake up without five alarm clocks ringing at your side?”

Chase let out an uneasy cough as he reached for a mini sausage with his fork. “Alright,” he muttered. “So I’m a bad sleeper and I rolled off the couch at seven this morning with nothing better to do alright? Bite me.”

Hissing, Krislynn smashed her fork against his and took the sausage he was aiming for. “I don’t share!”

“Oh come on, I didn’t make all of that for you!” His fork dived beneath her extended arm and stabbed into a piece of Belgium waffle and smirked, tasting victory for a mere second before Krislynn lunged for the same piece of waffle. “Do you have to fight with me over the littlest things?! Let me eat damn it!”

The atmosphere almost felt abnormally normal compared to only a moment before, but Krislynn held her breath and didn’t point it out for the fear of somehow jinxing it. As much as some people liked to hold onto sad things, she liked to let them go. There was no use keeping them and since she already decided she was going to forgive him, she wasn’t going to hold a grudge against him any further.

“Oh I’m sorry.” She teased, successfully uplifting his fork from her waffle with hers. “I thought you said you made me breakfast in bed.”

“A simple misunderstanding,” he declared. “I made you breakfast so that I can eat it with you in bed.”

She gave him a mischievous grin before allowing him to share her breakfast with her.

As if worried she might suddenly change her mind, Chase stuffed several things into his mouth at once and beamed at her with cheeks like a squirrel keeping several nuts in its mouth. He rested his fork on the edge of the bed tray once he had a fair amount before hopping off the bed and moving towards her drawer to grab the T.V remote. He settled back on her bed quickly after – this time beside her.

“So I have to work on something for my movie in a little bit,” he said as he flipped though the channels with one hand and forked a strip of bacon in his mouth with the other.

“Fade to Black?”

Chase looked up in a moment of surprise before shaking his head. “Oh no, my last movie. It’s not out in theatres yet, but it’s going to be soon, and I’ve just got some paperwork I have to do.” She nodded in comprehension before he continued. “Anyways, it shouldn’t take longer than two hours so I was wondering... maybe we could do something after that – like, make up for last night.”

Lost in a fragment of shock, Krislynn halted her fork mid-air and stared at him unresponsively. “I don’t... I don’t think so,” she finally decided.

What?” His eyebrows creased together and rather than angry, he looked upset – maybe possibly even a little hurt. “Why not?” He asked, poking the scrambled eggs on the plate.

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