well.. I'm an aspiring writer and I'd love to get some boost for  my works in here,so bring it on..and, I love GLEE!
Why you should read my story "That Girl in the Diner" and "She's in love with a Gang Member"
1- It's incredibly cute and really Romantic
2- It's real, cliches are there, but only that happens in actual lives
3- There's no "Shiver in my spine every time he touch" or "an electric bolt through my wrist" in every line
4- The characters are real and believable
5- No vampire, werewolf and all that is crazy.. (Ps: I love "TVD" though)
6- No dragging the story line, and my characters "dont fall in love" the second they meet....
So, give it a try!
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CindrellaPete CindrellaPete May 17, 2013 07:39PM
i will update... just busy, got engaged, yup.. did not see that one coming, obviously freaking out! I'm posting what I'm feeling to complete strangers rather than talking it through with my "Fiance" !
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