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  40. Shut Up & Let Me Go


Caught between the difficulty of Chase’s question and the tightness of his embrace, Krislynn’s head grew cloudy with directional support. She didn’t know what to say to him and she didn’t know what to do. His hands gripped on the sides of her hips harder as his voice grew irritated. “Tell me,” he demanded. “Did you start having feelings for me?”

Her heart thumped so heavily inside her chest she could have easily mistaken it for thunder – the thing she feared most – and without an escape route in hand, Krislynn started to panic, and in a fuzzy frenzy of confusion and anxiety, slammed the end of her knee up into his crotch. Krislynn heard the excruciating groan before she saw Chase fall in a fetal position on the ground, and she saw that dreadful posture he was in before she realized what she had just done.

Funny enough, she didn’t feel all that sorry for him.

Eyes showing a mixture of hate, pain and anger, Chase glared up at her as a low squirm came out of him. “Bitch,” he hissed.

“E– Ea– Eat shit and die!” She screamed, and then turned around and ran like she had five seconds to escape an exploding bomb.

Inside the safety of her own room, Krislynn felt the racing of her heartbeat coming to a slow pulse. Rather than feeling angry from what had just happened, she felt on edge and slightly overwhelmed. She hadn’t planned on being interrogated by Chase and she didn’t want him to find out how she truly felt about him especially with the way things currently were.

Sighing, she made her way over to the bed just as she felt a light vibration from her chest. The sudden pulsation made her jump and it wasn’t until she looked down at her chest that she remembered she had placed her phone in her bra for safekeeping.

Michelle: Tehe. How’s the date coming along? He’s not getting fresh with you, is he?

Krislynn frowned at the message before she replied.

Krislynn: It didn’t happen. : (

Michelle: What?! Wait! I’m calling you right now!

Michelle’s phone call came within seconds and Krislynn was pleased to have someone sympathise with her over what happened. “What an asshole! I can’t believe he would do that to you,” Michelle screamed over the phone. “He should have just left LaCienega where she was. So she was getting hit on by some random fug – who cares!”

Laughing, Krislynn collapsed on her bed as she pulled a comforter close to her. “Well maybe not,” she murmured. “But you understand why I’m mad right? I mean, it’s not about whether he helped LaCienega or not. It’s the fact that he stayed with her even after she was safe and didn’t even bother texting me back to tell me he was okay.” She frowned as she played the events over in her head again. “And he kept asking me why I was mad!”

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