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after their 'date', jisung was having mixed emotions. he was questioning a lot about himself to where he stayed up at night. twelve a.m and all he could picture was minho's smile.

the next morning he woke up tired. it wasn't normal for him to go to bed at two a.m in the morning. he was questioning whether if his feelings for minho were just mutual or something different.

there was 'he/she makes your heart flutter' to 'they make you feel different'. there was much more but his brain cells had no motivation to help him out.

"woah. someone looks dead today." felix told as he looked at jisung. his hair was messy and he looked as if he threw on some random outfit without even checking if it was good.

"I went to bed at two a.m. what do you expect? im suppose to look like a supermodel."

"I mean, if you don't wanna look like you just got out of the trash in front of minho. then yes."

"what are you even talking about?" jisung questioned. he started to open his locker, anger rising as he couldn't open the damn thing.

felix pointed to where minho came out of the corner of the hall. he was with woojin, waving to some people he knew and greeting them good morning.

"h-he goes here!"

"I mean it'd be obvious. he's friends with changbin, it's a logical explanation." felix explained, "fix your hair. it's all crusty looking."

jisung running his finger through his hair. minho was right behind him. jisung pretending not to notice him, he was startled by the older boy.

"holy shit. what the hell minho!"

"why you swearing? did I scare you that bad sweet cheeks."

"s-sweet what!"

minho bursted out into laughter. "sorry, it's just you have really chubby cheeks. it's one of the features I could never forget about."

jisung's cheeks turning into a different color. he faced his locker and started to grab his stuff.

"so you coming to cute 'n creamy today!" minho asked, leaning back and forth waiting for his answer.

"hm, maybe. felix you wanna go and we can ask chan. do some homework you know?"

felix shook his head, "sorry. chan and I have detention today."

"you what?!?" jisung yelled, he slammed his locker shut while his jaw dropped.

"don't even ask. since there's a mix chemistry class of third years and second years. when we did a lab the other day, we made quite the mess." as he chuckled nervously. scratching the back of his neck from embarrassment.

"that was you two?" woojin questioned, "no wonder why the whole class period ended with a huge lecture of why we shouldn't mix substances that shouldn't be mixed in the first place."

felix nodded. "yeah I figured that out after staining my favorite sweatshirt and not being able to take out the stain. but I'll talk to you at lunch jisung. I have to talk to that crazy chem teacher of mine."

"well good luck and don't get in trouble again!" jisung yelled as felix skipped off.

"don't worry mom, I won't!"

minho snorted a little. "mom?"

"don't ask." jisung sighed, "but about going to the shop today. maybe not, it'll be lonely with chan and felix."

"but you'll have me." minhoe told.

jisung pouted playfully, "but nobody will sit with me and keep me company."

"well then I'll keep you company." minho said as he patted the boy's head.

they stared into each other's eyes. jisung forgetting to even reply, he blinked and started to fidget with his fingers. "maybe next time. I have some important things to do at home anyways."

minho's face fell into a frown. "that's too bad. promise to come to the shop next time okay?"

jisung nodded, "of course. anything for you."

- this is more of a filler chapter. i guess?? I'm having major writers block shsjskxkss
also wanna one is amazing and it hurts my heart to think that they'll be gone one day :/

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