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"is it bad that i feel like peanut butter ice cream sounds weird? like, not pure peanut butter ice cream. but peanut butter in the ice cream. you get what i'm saying right?" as jisung looked up at minho. 

minho shrugged, "depends on who you are as a person. personally, i've never tried ice cream infused with peanut butter. it isn't my forte." 

"your parents really don't mind me staying over for the night? i feel so bad since this was so unplanned." jisung questioned, squirming as he tried to get comfortable in minho's lap.

minho covering jisung with his blanket, he shook his head. "they have open arms when it comes to new people. since they've only seen woojin's and changbin's face for the past what? i'm guessing about fourteen years, it was nice to see someone new at their door."

"so..about that time woojin asked for chan's number for you..do you. you know? like chan. i'm just asking!" jisung asked, his stomach turning a bit.

"i never asked him to do that. i don't find an interest in your friend chan, mostly because i know nothing about him."

"well, chan doesn't like your rbf." he then told.

minho laughed from the comment, "my resting bitch face? i get that a lot, i swear i'm nice though. promise" 

"i know! and i keep telling felix and him. i'm sure felix is warming up to you, but. i'm quite unsure still. i feel uneasy talking to them about you."

minho raising a brow, he shifted his position on the bed. "why is that? my guess is that they don't like me huh."

jisung feeling his heart starting to pound, he nodded. "i think you just gave a bad impression from when we first came to the shop. like i bet they were thinking, 'he wasn't boyfriend material or wasn't right for me'.." jisung being unfazed from his words, he stayed quite. while minho had a different reaction. 

"did i just hear boyfriend material?" he questioned, giving a bright smile.

jisung feeling his own cheeks flushing. he covered his face with a part of minho's blanket. "s-sorry! i didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable..." he stuttered. 

minho shaking his head, he tugged on the blanket to show jisung's rosy cheeks. he smiled, to then run his fingers through the younger boy's hair. "it doesn't make me uncomfortable honestly, it's cute. so am i on top of the list for future boyfriend?" teasing him.

"y-you can't say things like that!" jisung whined, covering his face now with his hands. "this isn't okay..this is illegal.."

"it's not illegal, i'm just asking a simple question cutie. now, you want to answer it?"

"i-i don't have a list for future boyfriends.." jisung answered shyly.

minho giving a pleased look, he nodded. "good, then that means i'm number one sweetheart."

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