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hwall from the boyz actually SNATCHED MY HEART. hElP

- since I'm really slow, these chapters of this book will have shorter chapters :,)

jisung took a scoop from his bowl of ice cream. swaying his legs, his heels hitting the booth with each kick. "do you really think strawberry and vanilla ice cream is a good mix?

minho shrugged, taking a scoop from jisung's side of the bowl. which made the younger boy pout. "I don't know, I just eat whatever."

"whatever?" jisung questioned, raising a brow, "so that means you'd eat like broccoli ice cream."

"okay maybe not anything. you get what I mean." minho chuckled, rolling his eyes at the statement.

"nope, I don't. you have to be more specific ice cream boy." jisung said giggling. licking his spoon clean.

minho placing his chin on the inside of his palm. he stared at jisung in 'awe', "you're so adorable how.." he whispered to himself.

"hm?" jisung breaking minho's thought of train, "did you say something?"

minho's cheeks somewhat flushing, he shook his head. "no, no. nothing."

"are you sure? you seem really red. you look like...a strawberry!" as he smiled.

minho smiling back at him, he sighed. "what's with you and strawberries. I noticed you have a strong liking for them. and don't dodge my question."

"w-well..I kind of just been obsessed with the flavor for a while." as he scratched his neck nervously, "but they're also the color of your lips which makes everything worse..." jisung whispered to himself. avoiding eye contact.


"n-nothing! it's nothing!" jisung loudly told. which somewhat startled the poor boy. they made awkward eye contact for a couple seconds, minho breaking it as he started to lean in a bit.

"w-well! what's the time..I think my parents are expecting me home soon.."

minho pouting, he tugged on jisung's sweater as he got up from the booth. "why are you leaving so early?"

"b-because my p-parents.."

"are you sure it's your parents?" minho teased, flashing a small smile making jisung's heart beat even faster.

jisung nodding, he grabbed his backpack. "I have to go..maybe we can meet up tomorrow again!"

"sure thing cutie, don't be late. or else someone else will be sitting in the booth with me." minho then let go of jisung's sweater. jisung who covered his face, he waved goodbye to minho.

minho looking at the empty booth and bowl. he sighed, "what is with that boy..."

changbin who watched from afar. he smiled, it was about their fifth one throughout the two weeks jisung has been visiting. and he knew it wasn't just for the ice cream.

"you're so whipped!" changbin chuckled, yelling from the cashier.

"shut up!"

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