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『 BINCH I LOVE THEM; y'all I'm getting my stray kids 'I am NOT' album today fuc yea

『 BINCH I LOVE THEM; y'all I'm getting my stray kids 'I am NOT' album today fuc yea

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jisung stared at the ripped paper that had minho's number scribbled on to it. he had it punched into his phone, but he had no courage to text him or even call. besides, he was probably expecting it to be chan.

"this is stupid..I'm worrying over a stupid boy.."

but jisung thought. it wasn't really just any boy.  it felt odd just standing in front of him. his eyes would watch every move he made.

new message!
did you text him?


why not? I didn't get that number for nothing!

true..but he's probably expecting you!

first of all, i don't want him YOU do, now stop being a 😾 and suck it up

I hate you

we're best friends bih

their conversation ended there. jisung groaned, he was craving ice cream. or was he just yearning to see the boy?

while with minho. he waited for a text. any text from whoever this person was. woojin didn't even get his name, it was utterly annoying how a stranger at some point would pop up and say hey is this the boy from the ice cream shop?

staring at his phone for minutes. his phone made a little 'ding!'

uh, hi

oh hey?

is this..uh I somewhat forgot your name. I'm the one who you served strawberry ice cream too

minho stopped typing and titled his head. "wait, this isn't the boy they were talking about. this is his friend?"

so you're not the one fighting your friend with plastic spoons?

no that's embarrassing lmao, they're just idiots

if your friends are idiots, aren't you one too?

fite me you hoe

🤧 I thought I was suppose to get a boyfriend

you can't get one with that attitude

minho blankly stared at his phone. "ouch."

so what's your name?

han jisung

lee minho

so ho is already in your name

that's not nice calling people hoes

ho, ho, ho, you a thot bih

I hate you

we just met boo

minho smiled, jisung wasn't a bad person and he enjoyed talking to him. he was energetic and lively. he had a sense of okay humor, minho felt as if he had no reason to feel mad at woojin.

but the fact that it wasn't actually jisung talking was the problem. felix and chan had barged into his room, why? how? they have spare keys and his parents weren't home. I mean what else could go wrong?

"STOP IT! WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST SAY!" jisung screamed, he tried to snatch his phone but felix kept typing.

"he said he hates you, but I'm sure it's in a sarcastic way! but if it isn't, oopsies.." felix slightly raised his shoulders and chuckled slowly.

"hurry up! just tell him you want to meet at Cute 'n Creamy tomorrow!"

"lets. meet. at. cute. and. creamy. tomorrrowww.." felix said out loud as he typed.

jisung was being squished as chan sat on top of him. "this is really sad jisungie. have some muscle!!"

"you're so heavy!"

"it's done!" felix shouted, he high-fived chan and cheered. "you got a date. well meet up. but let's call it a date."

jisung sprung under from chan and grabbed his phone. felix crossed his legs and acted to sip some tea. "welcome hoe."

he read over the text and his eyes widened.

I have no work tomorrow, so maybe we could just hang out at Cute n Creamy, sounds good?

Yeah sure that's cool

k cool, sorry if any of my friends annoy you but I'm sure they're bigger idiots than your friends

is that a challenge?

sweetie, seo changbin and kim woojin are the dorkiest of them all nobody can compete 😔✋🏼

whatever you say hoe🤧

but I got homework, see you tomorrow bih

that's my thing BINCH✋🏼, but bye


"got you a date with the ice cream boy?" felix answered.

"felix that was a rhetorical question, you weren't suppose to answer." chan sighed, felix made a little 'o' with his mouth and smiled.

"it's okay! you'll be fine, just don't act like felix and you'll do great." chan gave a thumbs up while felix gave two for extra support.

jisung plopped onto the floor and groaned. "guys! I barely know him, I just thought he was cute and all that..nothing more. it's not like we can be more.."

chan's smile slightly faded away. he sat next to jisung and rubbed his back. "well come with you tomorrow. we both know felix can't stand a day without seeing changbin.."

"I heard that!"

"lowkey, I still don't like him." chan laughed and jisung joined in. "but if you like him, maybe I'll learn to. and since we both don't know much about him. we will all go."

jisung nodded his head, "alright...so tomorrow after school.."

"yep! don't worry, it'll be fun!"

"let's hope..."

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