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as minho walked through the halls. he kept his stern expression on his face. he wasn't in no mood to talk to anyone. especially jisung.

ever since he found out who this 'hyunjin' boy was. he didn't know whether if he should have continued his dance piece. it being the choreography that he was going to use to confess to jisung. he was having second thoughts.

"stupid hwang...I can't believe jisung was hanging out with someone like him..I get it! he's pretty, but what about me.." he whined to himself. a couple students giving him an awkward stare.

he never felt the emotion of jealousy that was this strong. everything irritated him, making his day seem even worse.

changbin running up to him, he panted. "hey! I kept calling your name. didn't you-"

"not in the mood. go away."

changbin stopping in his tracks. he crinkled his nose, "excuse me?"

minho didn't respond and kept walking. he had no intentions on talking to changbin. in general, he didn't want to talk to anyone. running off to the dance room, he opened the door seeing a couple of students stretching. one including to be hwang hyunjin.

glaring at him, he set down his stuff. taking off his sweatshirt. sitting down in the corner of the room, he stretched alone.

"hey!" hyunjin called out, walking over to him, "why are you all the way over here? stretching alone isn't that fun." as he chuckled.

minho rolled his eyes, "maybe because I want to? got a problem."

hyunjin raised his eyebrows, then putting his hands up in defense. "woah there, just asking. didn't have to get all sassy with the attitude."

"I don't have an attitude, just don't talk to me." he scoffed.

"and why is that? you have a stick up your ass or something? obviously something is bugging you."

"just go away, all you're doing is annoying me." minho groaned, trying to make the younger go.

hyunjin signing. he crossed his arms. "honestly what's up with you? you're never like this."

"why don't you annoy someone else hwang. go talk to jisung or something. you're pissing me off."

hyunjin eyes widened. laughing, he leaned in closer to minho's face. whispering, he smirked. "so that's what it's all about? jisung. you jealous that I was with him this weekend?"

minho gritting his teeth, he looked away. "shut up. why were you with him anyways.."

"I was on a date with him." as hyunjin joked. which was an awful mistake.

"excuse me?!?" he yelled. minho springing up from his place. "what do you mean date!"

"c-c-chill!" hyunjin stuttered, backing away. "I was teaching him how to take pictures! I'm a good photographer so he asked me for help!"

minho calming down, he fell back against the wall. sliding down, "so you're telling me he was with you to take pictures?"

hyunjin nodded. "yeah..sorry I was just kidding. but jisung sucks at taking pictures, he told me he wanted to capture moments with you..please don't kill me.."

minho making eye contact with the boy, he raised a brow. "really?"

"yeah, he's head over heels for you. can't you see that?"

minho slapping himself, he groaned. "I'm so stupid! I got jealous over that!"

hyunjin giving a little snicker, he smiled. "you're such a weirdo. just ask him out already, it's so simple but you're making it so hard for yourself."

"says the one who hasn't asked out seungmin yet."

"I don't like him!"

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