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minho sighed. he looked up to his ceiling, flowers with no petals in his hand. "it ended on he loves me not. I'm really just overthinking this.."

he looked at the contact number in his phone. where it showcased, jisung♡. he was so into the boy that it made him crazy. even if they knew each other for such little time, he couldn't help but fall in love with him even more.

humming to the tune of love scenario, he pulled himself up. "get yourself together minho. you know better than this.."

calling jisung, he decided to ask if he wanted to go out for lunch. he did nothing for his morning, and needed some fresh air. so once the call went through. he put it on speaker.

"hey jisung I-"

"thanks for your time today hyunjin..it was really helpful."

hyunjin? who's that?

"of course! you can call me or text me anytime. I'll be sure to make time for you."

jisung was about to say something else, but the call cut off. minho's smile then formed into a frown. throwing the flower's stems onto the floor. "stupid..."

that day, minho decided to not talk to jisung at all.


"I didn't think it would be that easy!" jisung smiled, his eyes brightening up.

"mhm, photography is easy. I didn't know you were into it?" hyunjin told, jisung's cheeks becoming a light pink.

"w-well..there's this one boy. I want to capture a lot of moments with him. and I suck at taking photos..."

"ahh.." hyunjin smiled, "that's really cute. I usually just take pictures of different sceneries. or..seungmin.." as he rolled his eyes.


hyunjin's cheeks turning red, he shook his head vigorously. denying that the kim seungmin would be his boyfriend. "n-no! he's my best friend. nothing more."

jisung shrugged, "around school you two seem close. is he dating jeongin?"

"n-no..it's not that either. jeongin has been trying to get us together since the seventh grade, I don't think its gonna work."

"why do you say that?" jisung turned to the boy. putting down his phone.

"don't know, I don't think we're made for each other. plus, I'm sure he isn't gay."

jisung patted hyunjin's back, "well, do you like him? don't lie.."

"I don't! now get back to editing!" hyunjin once again denied, "who's the boy anyways?"

"lee minho..."

"really?!? he's in my dance class, he's so good. I envy him.." as hyunjin gritted his teeth, "but he's been working on this once piece. it's pretty good."

"what is it?"

"some love song. don't really know what it's for since we don't have any auditions or group dances coming up."

"that's interesting, must be fun right? but-"

hyunjin's phone ringing he looked at the caller ID. a slightly smile forming on his face, making jisung snicker.

"boyfriend calls?"

"shut up!"

"you love him! don't deny it jinnie!!"

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