Chapter Twenty-Four: I have finally snapped....object if you think I have no right to

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Chapter Twenty-Four: I have finally snapped....object if you think I have no right to

Lucy's P.O.V.

I regretted telling her the moment after it left my lips, as she stood there frozen solid. Her eyes were glazed over, staring into nothing, and her chest didn't rise or fall. Then slowly her hands clenched in on themselves, her nails digging deep into her palms drawing blood.

Her eyes came back into focus as she let out a pained and strangled scream, and it reverberated off the walls. I could hear the distinct sound of skin shredding away from her body, and the crunch of bones. Her screams were agonizingly horrid, and she fell to her knees.

Her skin ripped even farther, making way for fur that sprouted from every pore of her body. Her clothes disintegrated away from her as she transformed for the first time. I couldn't look, whether it was her screams or the obvious total pain that she was in, made me decipher that this wasn't just some normal first shift. I turned away as let out all her screams, some choked off by growls, as her body fought to be in control of which form it would stay in. Shivers went up and down my spine, no, this wasn't normal.

Then they stopped, and I slowly turned to face her. But she wasn't standing there; instead there was a giant white wolf in her place, its amber eyes glistening with fury. This wolf didn't even resemble her in human form, and I started to wonder if it was even her, when she nodded and ran off. My eyes widened in surprise and leaped after her, shifting in mid-air. I landed on all four paws, tan and slight in all my brilliance, then raced after her fast form.

Every stride of hers was easily double one of mine, but I evened out that by being faster. For some moments she disappeared out of my vision, but I quickly spotted her once more, her whiter fur standing out against the dark black walls.

All of a sudden, three vampire guards shot out of the darkness, in a blur were heading for Kenz. Without even thinking she leaped into the air, her powerful jaws catching the vampire's neck, and in the downswing she took him down with her, slamming his corpse into the stone floor. I attacked the second guard as she made quick work of the third, and we continued on, without a second thought about them.

I tried scrying her mind using our wolf connection, but it seemed she had gone into full animal instinct mode; her only focus was on a pair of double doors. They stood out in her memories, but I couldn't find a reason why, all I knew was that they were important. I was just her follower at the moment, totally susceptible to her Alpha-like physique.

Kenz was easily the size of a medium sized male, and on top of that all werewolves were naturally larger than regular old wolves. Me, the tiny puny one in the pack of friends, was probably the size of a full grown male wolf.

No more vampires dared to cross our path, and soon enough Kenz hit a long hall, at the very end I could make out those same double doors. She was determined to get there at top speed, and she wasn't slowing down. Even at her size there still was a major risk that she wouldn't be able to go through those solid oak doors. I let out a warning yelp in her direction, but she ignored it completely and rammed into the door full force. My eyes squeezed shut at the impact, and I heard a sharp crunch and snapping sounds. When I re-opened my eyes, there was a huge wolf shaped hole between the two doors and Kenz was in the room. If I could've grinned I would have, and I leaped through the hole after her.

My claws didn't find purchase on the polished wood floors at first and I came skidding to a stop right next to Kenz. She was glaring intently at the two staring vampires, both looking utterly confused and scared. Her mind screamed for the kill, demanding the taller ones blood to pay the price. My eyes travelled up to his neck, spotting the amber necklace comfortably surrounding his neck. I greeted the Vampire Lord with a growl the same time Kenz did, her lips peeled back from her teeth.

Then her mouth morphed slightly, making room for speech, "Let's see if you like your own screams as much as theirs," she snarled, her voice distorted from the large jagged canines still occupying her mouth. The vampires glanced at each other frantically before in a blur they were both gone. Wordlessly I went after the shorter one, the one who had led the attack on us in the village down one hall, and she after the Vampire Lord in another. Oh, god I hope she knows what she's doing.

Kenz's P.O.V.

The feel of the solid stone beneath my paws, as they pounded against it trying to gain speed on this so called Vampire Lord. At any reasonable moment I would have been pondering the thought of actually having paws, but the monster within me was rejoicing at the freedom it had been given with me shifting.

The kill. I was totally and utterly focused on the fact of the kill. The vampire had made the mistake of running, brining on the instinct to chase and kill inside of me, and that mistake will most likely prove to be a fatal one. What he had done, that didn't really matter anymore, I just wanted him dead now. My logical and reasonable side was far from in control, but I could bet you that it wanted the same things.

He poured on an extra bit of speed against me, but my body was so in tuned to the chase that it automatically made me run faster, trying desperately to close that last bit of space between us. He was running away from me, from me, some murderer, running away from some sixteen year old girl. His scent was ingrained permantely in my senses, a clean a clear trail as to where he was and how far till I would be right at his tail, an arrow.

One blink of the eye and all of a sudden he disappeared from my view. His scent clouded and covered everything, blocking out which direction he might be in. The hallway drifted off in several different forks, all of them darkened with the fact of being unused for so long. I stopped, barely panting after the run, my eyes scanning the perimeter around me, trying to catch on anything singularly out of place.

Nothing. Everything was exactly in tack, no sign that he had been here, besides his lingering scent that coated everything. But the only reason for that could be....

I looked up a fraction of a second too late, as he fell down from the ceiling rafters, onto my open back. I bucked and snarled, trying to twist my head back far enough to sink my teeth into some part of him. His hands grasped for purchase around my neck, trying to find a way to break my neck beneath all my fur. I backed up harshly, slamming my own back into the hard stone wall; he was sandwiched between me and it. I heard him groan slightly, as I peeled away, but his arms were still tightly locked around the area by my ears.

I twisted my head back in one final attempt, clamping my jaws shut on something. I heard a faint crunch as my teeth hit the granite skin of his arm. In one jerking motion I pulled him off me, and slammed him into the floor. I expected him to at least me minorly injured, or ticked off. But he was smiling up at me, wickedly, knowing a secret that I had no clue of.

I lunged down for his neck when I voice sounded in my ears, "It's the necklace," Jake whispered in my ears, his voice sounding quite like the one of him at fourteen in my dream. "He has total control over the fact that you can't kill him, unless you snap the necklace. It's his lifeline and tie to earth; snap it and he will blow away."

I lunged again, this time sure on my prize, but he twisted away from my falling jaws, turning onto his side. My nose slammed into the ground, and a gush of blood poured onto the floor as I heard it break resoundly. But I could taste the faint taste of metal, and a slivering piece of it snaked between my teeth.

I pulled away, his necklace coming up in my mouth with me. His shocked expression told me I had hit the prize. Seconds later piercing shrieks erupted from his throat, sounding like metal grinding against metal, so sharp that it hurt my eardrums faintly. I backed totally off right before his body burst into flames in front of me, reds and yellows just a blur in my eyes.

Moments after smoke curled up from the pile of ashes. That was all that was left of the mighty Vampire Lord, the vampire thought of to be the most invincible one to walk the world. His whole life and death reduced to a pile of ashes, and never to be missed by my soul and neither the packs.

The light breeze that came from an open window trailed the ashes across the floor, the windows curtains acting the part of a puppet master, swaying with them. Light-headedness filled my senses, and I felt eternally tired. I collapsed to the ground, my eyes slowly shutting. I just barely could make out a sideways version of Lucy running towards me, in human form, urgently reaching out.

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