Chapter Twenty-Two: The Dead can't confess.....but their murderers can

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Chapter 22: The Dead can't confess.....but their murderers can.

I shivered as his eyes tore away my clothes, "Would you mind stop looking at me like a choice piece of meat," I growled, testing my limits. He didn't like that; his hand struck my face, leaving a cool stinging sensation. Slowly I turned my face, to his smirking lips; a nasty remark tingled on the tip of my tongue, threatening to beat the crap out of this guy.

"That, was unnecessary," I said instead, but even that made his eyes flash dangerously. His hand lifted again, but instinctively mine shot up, grabbing his wrist, and restraining his downward swing onto my face. A growl escaped both of our mouths, and if possible he looked even angrier. Then, all of if peeled away from his face, and a cocky smile replaced it.

"That...that will be for later," he said, lightly restrained. Effortlessly he shook off my hand on his wrist, and backed off a bit. "You look the same, Kenz,"

All I did was nod, staring straight ahead, trying to ignore him slowly circling around me, like a hawk. His eyes trailed down my body once more, before studying my face intensely. "The day is so vivid in my memories, such a happy day it was," he taunted, and I bit my lip to stop the series off sentences that would roll off my tongue. My hands clenched and unclenched, as I relived all the long wanted to be forgotten memories flooding back into my mindset.

"Oh, her sweet scream as her neck was snapped, that's not something that can be forgotten," he hissed, and I cringed away from his hand, hovering over my arm, as he stood in back off me. "Lovely voice, though" he whispered.

"What did they do to you," I said, blankly, trying to keep my focus on the brick across the room from me. He laughed lightly, "They owed me, and finally they've paid the price,"

That made my eyes focus and glance up into his, which I instantly regretted when he smiled. "They didn't 'owe' you anything," I snarled softly.

"Why, yes they did....." he said, backing off a little more, to be able to see my face more clearly, "But I guess they wouldn't have told you, even though they should've, since you were such a big part of it," he trailed off. Dang it, he had my full and utter attention. Lucas lingered in the background, on the edge, right by the door, his eyes going everywhere besides meeting my gaze. He seemed fidgety, shifting feet every couple seconds or so, and his hands clenched and unclenched in his jean pockets.

I met his eyes again, "I don't even know your name.....vampire," I whispered venomously.

His eyes widened a little at the abruptness of my sudden question, "It's none of your business, but you may call me Master," he said with another grin.

"Yeah, sure, like that's gonna happen," I said under my breath, but his eyes narrowed. There was silence, as he waited for me to ask the question of what they owed, and why it dealt with me. Tell you the truth my mind was racing inside my head, all the questions and memories of what this was about, but unfortunately I came up blank.

"Why?" I finally asked, letting the word fall into the air, not letting myself notice his huge, child-like grin. He was enjoying knowing all the answers and having me want to know all of them.

"I knew about this so called prophecy, way before anyone else did, Kenz," he whispered, his voice slightly giddy. I was seriously starting to question if all vampires were members of the insane asylum club. He was acting like a total psychopath, and even thought it wasn't scaring me, I am sure as heck it would have to other people.

"See, I have a sort of gift...." He started, "I can see the future, it's only happened once, a short sixteen years ago. I saw the prophecy and you at that age. Your parents were young then, only nineteen, and first pregnancies can be a stressful and fearful time," he smiled wickedly. Okay, what the heck did he know about pregnancies? Now, now was when I started getting scared.

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