Chapter Twelve: Ambrosia, the sweetest nectar. Yeah right!

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Chapter Twelve: Ambrosia, the sweetest nectar. Yeah right!

"Wake up Kenzie!" Jake squealed as he hopped continuously on my bed, jarring me awake out of a quite restful sleep.

"Ugh.." I answered to him, pulling the pillow over my head in an attempt to block out his voice. It's too early in the morning to be that happy.

"Fine, but if you don't get up, you won't get chocolate waffles!" he said as he ran out the door, that woke me up. I jolted straight up in bed, my hair whiplashing across my face. I absolutely loved chocolate waffles. Jake was smart for a four year old, and surprisingly good at speaking, he knew just what it took to get me out of my cave of comforters and into the light of day. I stretched my arms above my head, locking the joints in a position that it looked like I more likely to dive into a pool, rather than get out of bed. Yawning I slowly slunk out of the bed, silently yearning for the warmth of the fluffy blankets.

The only reason I wasn't falling into another lapse of crying, was I was focusing all my thoughts on the chocolate in the waffles. Waffles had no complication, they just were. I tugged my shirt down, trying to straighten out the wrinkles I could see in the mirror. My brow furrowed as I glanced up at my face, my scar was throbbing slightly, something it hadn't done since I got it, which I couldn't remember anymore. It was a tinged gold, and caught the light when I tilted my head. I sighed, then combed my hair out and put it in a pony-tail.

The smell of chocolate wafted up from the kitchen up the stairway, Cynthia had made waffles once a month, usually on a Saturday. I raced down the stairs, skipping every other to get down quicker. That was a mistake on my part, for I tripped and fell flat on my face on the last step. I groaned into the hard-wood floor, silently cursing my stupidity. Blood oozed from my newly broken nose, making me groan again, realizing now I would have to set it. I got up, tipping my head upwards, pinching my nose with my left hand, feeling the way down the hall with my right. I was a sight to laugh at, and I shouldn't have been surprised when both Chris and Ambrosia burst into a laughing fit when I walked into the kitchen.

"Shut up," I said, but the sound of my nasally voice ruined the effect and force of the words. I walked over to the sink, and ran the water, finally looking down so I could place a wet cloth to my face. It felt cool against my cheeks, that seemingly stung as if I had been slapped, but I had, by the floor. By the time I sat down next to plate of heaping waffles, the bleeding had stopped and I was already starting to heal, the bones mending before our very eyes.

Jake grinned up at me, but there was an underlining concern in his eyes, I nodded lightly, I was okay, well as good as I could get at the moment. Ambrosia had practically scooted her stool onto Chris's lap, their legs intertwining underneath the table. She looked up at him adoringly, her affection not being hidden. Chris seemed at ease, almost happy, if one could say.

I eyed them both suspiciously before pouring a gallon of syrup onto my waffles, carefully cutting them into triangles. "So, what do we plan on doing today?" I asked between mouthfuls, causing both of them to break out of their trance, Chris looking surprised, and Ambrosia, just relatively ticked off.

"Oh, well, maybe we could take a tour around the town. Sound good," He asked taking his plate to the dishwasher, breaking his embrace with Ambrosia, much to her dismay.

Jake bounced up and down in his seat, clearly excited, "That's sounds great," I said with a smile, which he returned.

"Great, well, better get ready then, meet you at the town center in five minutes, kay'" I nodded back, and he disappeared through the arch of the doorway. Ambrosia continued to glare at me hatefully as I finished up my waffles, "You know it's not nice to glare at people," I said getting up and setting my dish in the dishwasher. Jake had already fled, running after Chris, so I wasn't afraid to break out some of my pent up frustrations against her.

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