Chapter Five: The Protector

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Chapter Five: I really don't have a title (Any suggestions?)

Mystery Werewolf's P.O.V.

She was so beautiful just sleeping there with her eyes closed, a smile flickered across her lips as she dreamt. I so wished to go caress her face, but restrained my hand and stayed in the woods a good hundred yards away. I was supposed to be watching out for Curtis trying to attack McKenzie again.

The other night had been a blessing yet a horror. Seeing her just sitting there in on the bar stool table, it just amazed me that I had actually found the daughter of Alpha Cormat. He would've been so pleased when he found out his only daughter was safe and alive. He had thought his whole family died in the murder sweep that evaded the pack a few years back, he had gone after the killers thinking his family was all safe. But the murderers had backtracked and attacked a second time, tricking our alpha, the house had been set afire, and there had only been one charred remain left, the others were thought to be burnt beyond recognition, but apparently the killers stole his 11 year old daughter and 1 month old son. He had tracked them down for years, avenging the deaths he thought had occurred, never truly knowing his children were alive and well, protected by those same killers. They must have passed the children off to another, since the alpha had staked and set ablaze the cold-hearted bloodsuckers. He had passed away, after being attacked a few months afterward by a whole clan of them.

Tears swam in my eyes, but I blinked them away, everyone had loved our alpha, he had been amazing before the deaths of his family. That had changed him, made him harder more stern, made him less understanding about humans, while he silently mourned for the rest of his life.

I watched the perimeter around McKenzie, quickly making sure Curtis hadn't shown up without my surveillance. Now McKenzie and Jacob were being taken care of by yet another pair of vampires, these seeming more laid back from killing, most likely dormant, which they had become after the adoption. I could see the feelings they felt for the two children was honest and true love, but still it was too dangerous if one of them lost control for one moment.

McKenzie shifted on the bench, the light shining on her birthmark, the one that symbolized the fact that she was the alpha's daughter. It was intricately patterned on her face, adding depth and beauty to her already charming face.

Last night, I had reacted only on instinct, protecting my alpha's daughter from a territory werewolf of another pack. He had refused to let her go until I swore that I would have my pack hunt him down, he backed away but swore he would have her someday. Never would that day come, I would make sure of it.

She had fainted, and it racked my subconscious all night, if she would be alright. After delivering her to her room I waited all day hearing every movement in the house, to make sure.

I stayed post as I watched her wake up and run over to her little brother, making him giggle and laugh. I smiled, so happy that at least they had each other.

(Sorry its sooooo short, I promise the next chapter will have more!)

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