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Hey guys, I've got quite a few request over a few days to read some of your stories and I would love too!

However, I would like to add a few request (that if you have already requested over private or comment you can disreguard if you like. But if you feel lile ot, please do it).

1. Please make sure your story has ten chapters minimum with the exclusion of short stories.

2. If you go more than three months without updating, your book will be taken off the list, or listed as hiatus depending on if you intend to finish it.

3. Please vote on five chapters of this book. Don't be afraid to check out my others ;)

4. A follow (no reply until this has been fullfilled)

5. There are a few things I do not condone and I will add your book if it contains these things.

To keep things shorts, any strong hate themes will not be tolerated. This only includes any extreme cases. (LGBTQ+ topics do not fall under things I don't condone so if your book contains that,  don't be afraid to comment it.)

6. I'm less likely to skip over your comment or book if you ask me over both private messaging and comments.

7. Finally, I AM A BUSY WOMAN. If I don't get to your book soon, don't go all wild and crazy on me, I will get to it in atmost a month's time. If not, then you can politely PRIVATE MESSAGE me.

Side notes:

-All genres are welcome, including, but not limited to, werewolf, vampire, romance, steampunk, mystery, etc. (This includrs fanfics, so all my percy jackson followers ;) send in your stories!)

-If you have read any of the books I've listed in previous chapters and chapters after this one, please comment your thoughts and opinions.

-If the author has changed the name of the book, their username, or anything else, please let me know so I can update it!

Thank you all for reading this!

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