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The first sign you notice when you begin to gain feelings for someone, is just how easily you get jealous when they give others the attention you crave.

* * *

It took three whole days to convince Sage to go the party. It was on Friday, two days away, and even though he'd agreed to go, he still had his doubts.

Heck, they were a whole lot.

Being in a crowded area jam-packed with teens wearing their skimpiest attire, jumping up and down to various music being played just didn't appeal to him. There were so many things that could happen, but Sage tried not to focus on that too much, for once. It wasn't going to be his first time ever attending a high school party, so he was going to try and 'loosen up' as Ava had called it.

"You look as right as rain, donut!" Cecilia complimented him, a small camera in her hand. Sage glanced down at himself, feeling no different than he usually did. He still felt like he was severely lacking in the fashion department, the only difference being that his nerves were on the verge of spiralling out of control. Anxiousness was carving a tunnel in the pit of his stomach, leaving him with the uncomfortable he'd become so acquainted with. In his state, it was a precarious likelihood that he'd be having any fun tonight.

"T-thanks mom." he responded, his voice just a decibel above a whisper. He reached for the sleeves of the supposed hoodie that he was to be wearing, only to be painfully reminded that he'd been forced to wear a t-shirt instead. Cecilia had declared that he needed to 'stop hiding behind that piece of garment and let himself be seen', despite his attempts at explaining to his mother how he felt. Cecilia was having none of it. To sign and seal her decision, she tossed both his hoodie and sweatshirt in the wash, ultimately pronouncing them as un-wearable for the night.

Even though it was crystal clear that Sage was ready—albeit hesitant—to leave. She continued to dote upon him; something he figured that he'd have to get used to, eventually. "Your first party, hm? You're growing up so fast, honey."

And so, then again, she managed to remind him how much of a no-social-life he had. If he told his friends that he'd never been to a party before, they'd surely muddle it, blowing it out of proportion.

After what seemed like an eternity of fervent accolade and blushing, Sage was finally set free, finally permitted to leave.

"Oh, donut!" Cecilia called after him as he strut towards Brennan's Porsche, parked in the driveway. "Remember, no alcohol! Ask for orange juice or water, oh, and be back before ten."

Sage could hear bubbles of laughter from the car. "Mom!" he cried, his face hot with a bright blush.

"Sorry! Love you, donut!"

Sage hurried over to the car, slipping inside before his mother could embarrass him any further. Inside the small vehicle were Carly, Ava and Brennan, all looking at him with amused grins slapped across their faces.

"That was adorable!" Ava was the first one to break the silence with her high pitched voice. Sage groaned, pressing the heels of his palms into his eyes.

"I'll say! Who'd peg Sage to be a little momma's boy? Well, everyone! Duh!"

The joke flew by Sage, but that wasn't the case for the three girls. They chortled, like it was the joke of the night. Sage sunk further into the seat, letting out a small breath he'd been keeping in for so long. He clutched his bag tighter to his chest, and that's when Carly decided to comment on that, too.

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