Dear Captain

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Dear Captain,

I am a nice 26 years old Russian girl from Kiev, name Olga Pyotrof. I come across your bio on viewer and I find you so attractive man! I will wish to know you better. I am unmarried and as you can see from enclosed link (please to click!!!) I am slender youthful and dress in all modern clothes to show off figure.

I need money to come to Federation space and so I ask you for advance of 36 thousand credits. I will make worth your while.

Yours in love,

Olga Pyotrof


Dear Capptain,

I am Magistrate from important family in Nigeria and have 25 million in credits I must transfer from overseas through Andorian bank to family of importants diplomat. Can I trust you? I ask for a modest 65 thousand credit advance on money as it is tied up with blue-skinned Andorians. I promise you forty percent of 25 million in credits and also a date with my beautiful daughter, see enclosed link (please click). My daughter is a virgin and is free of all known diseases including Rigellian Fever.

In honesty,

Honorable Magistrate Pecos Mbumba


Dear Captain!!

Yout email has won Federation lottery! Please click link and fill out basic information in order to claim your prize. This basic information includes bank account numbers, passwords, physical address and mother's maiden name and is standard procedures in collecting such important prizes.

Thank you.

Federation Lottery Prize Committee


Dear Captain or Occupant,

Your account at the Vulcan Bank and Credit Union has been compromised. In order to correct this problem, please fill out enclosed form and provide standard information such as passwords, bank account numbers, mother's maiden name, adresss etc. so that we may correct this problem immediately!!!

Officially yours,

Skippy Rochenko

Vulcan Bank and Credit Union

PS Please ignore the My Little Klingon Pony stationery. My daughter was playing with the printer.

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