Chapter four

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Annabelles POV

There was something about this Jax guy that made me feel...funny, I contemplated as I lay in the bath that he had run for me to get myself all cleaned up. He was treating me nicer than I had ever been treated before in my life and I didn't even know him.

Mate, The voice in my head came again and I sighed. I had no idea what that meant but I knew I was going crazy if I was starting to get voices in my head, not surprising really when I haven't had anyone to talk to in a long time, I'd need an imaginary friend to stay sane. Even a nineteen year old needed some company and if a voice in my head was all I could come up with then I'd take it.

I sighed again as I laid back in the nice warm water, now I knew why Natalie would always spend so long in the bath, they were just so relaxing. I wasn't allowed hot water in the Lefton's house, to expensive to heat the water and apparently I wasn't worth the money. As I sank further into the water I started to drift off to sleep and just as I was about to fall asleep I heard a soft knock come from the bathroom door that made my heart speed up for a split second.
'Sorry to bother you little mate but we really should be getting of to the hospital soon, the doctor wanted to make sure she hadn't missed anything when she came to look you over and reset your elbow' Jax said from behind the door.

I nodded before slowly making my way out of the bath and went to wrap a huge, warm, fluffy towel around me, I was living the life of luxury here.

I slowly walked towards the door, limping as I put pressure on my open cuts and what felt like a twisted ankle, before slowly opening it and taking in the bedroom to pin point where Jax was.

When he heard me coming he turned around with a huge grin on his face and a pair of sweats and a shirt in his hands. I frowned at him in confusion, pointing towards the clothes he was holding. I still wasn't completely comfortable using my voice around him, I learnt my lesson pretty quickly about not speaking unless spoken to and even then it didn't guarantee that it wouldn't anger them.

"These are for you, I'm sorry there the smallest thing I have in my wardrobe at the moment but I have someone out buying you a few things now so you should have some of your own clothes soon" he explained, holding out the cloths for me.

I inched forward towards him, scared it was some form of trick, but when he didn't snatch the clothes away from me I took them from him with a small smile and turned around to get changed.

"I'm just going to umm...go and stand outside for a second" he muttered, rubbing the back if his neck with one of his hands. Why did he look so nervous, he didn't seem like the type of person that would be nervous around people.

I nodded my head in understanding, waiting for him to leave the room so that I could change. Once he had left the room I quickly dropped the towel to the floor and put on the sweats and shirt he had left me, silently laughing at how big they fell on me. The top was more like a dress on me and I had to roll the trouser legs up a fair few times for my feet to finally peek through to give me the ability to walk without the fear of constantly tripping up.

Once I was fully clothed I took a seat in the bed, waiting for Jax to come back from wherever he had disappeared to. As I waited my eyes started to wander around the room and before I knew it I was on my feet again and hobbling over to the fire place where, on the mantle piece, there were dozens of picture frames of all sizes framing faces of happy smilie people.

There was one picture that particularly drew my eye, it was of Jax with two other people, a boy and a girl, laughing with each other as they had their arms around each other in a field somewhere. The photo radiated happiness and I felt a pang of jealousy for never having that feeling in my life, one that I could remember anyway. I'm sure when my parents were alive we did stuff like this all the time but I was to young to remember them.

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