Chapter 5 - Nerves

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Your POV

I poured in a good dose of poison in the water.

i sighed a heavy breath, my heart pumping... for father. 

I turn to the doorway with the cup, making sure the poison was thoroughly hidden in the pocket of my dress again, appearing in sight of Leo and Ezio.

I came over to Ezio, "Grazie" he sighed before taking the cup, "I just can't lose anything more, after the death of my brothers and father... I fear Claudia might be in this world alone with my life on the line..." he sighed.

He perked his lips and started to bring in the cup to his mouth, I panicked.


-Ezio: 13, (Y/N): 12-

"Fuck!" Ezio shouted in agony.

"Ezio!" I screamed, running over to where Vierri and his goons had now left Ezio outnumbered in the street.

"They hurt me... bad!" He shouted the last bit when I tried to pick him up, he flinched in pain to his thigh. I sigh, this isnt good.

"Give me your thigh" I replied, he slowly nodded with a slow blush as my fingers inspected his middle thigh.

I try to find the spot that hurt the most until he flinched on one spot. got it. "okay umm.." I panicked.

I took in a break, pulling his arms up and over my back, I was barely holding him, but he hadn't gone through much puberty so he was still quite small for me to pick up.

I carried him back home to his house, where Claudia, his younger sister noticed, she got help from Federico who took care of Ezio's leg.

-Present Day-

I saw our childhood flash between my eyes before quickly grabbing the beta version of the codex gun and shooting the cup out of Ezio's hand.

Ezio flinched away, I have always been strong in aim.

"What the hell!?" Ezio shouted.

He and Leo looked over at me, Ezio seeming a little pissed and Leo was more confused than a homeless man on house arrest.

I flinched, how was I supposed to answer 'oh no worries, Ezio. I just saved you from myself. I just poisoned your drink!'  or 'Ezio! it's poisoned and I just noticed for some reason without any reason for knowing, don't ask!' 

I didn't know how to respond, better left unsaid. whats done is done. I fled the workshop as quickly as I could, moving my legs through the restraining dress as I jumped onto Ezio's horse and rode off, kicking the horse on the side to make it speed up.

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