Chapter 14 - Betrayed

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Ezio's POV

Is this what its like to be penetrated? to be stabbed in the chest mercilessly?

Well technically, no. I have been stabbed through the chest multiple times, but I had armour... but the thing is, this pain hurts more than being stabbed.

I had suddenly felt so dumb and worthless. was she ever my friend? or just a sleeper agent? She was always there for me, and I was always there for her, Her father always disapproved of me!

but for the first time, I wasn't there for her.

Not right now. Not today. Maybe not ever. After all of this, she had been trying to kill me. Everything was making sense. She nearly shot me back there... but it was more aimed at the cup, and she is good at aiming, so what was in-- the cup she MADE for ME... and the spec of green in the cup?! 

I sigh, but she never ended up killing me, what was holding her back-- I need to go. I have too many questions.


He stiffened at the hug before leaning back onto the pillar again, I could sense he was thinking a lot.

Things are definitely not going to be the same after this. before I knew it, he started to leave, he left my arms and ran off, scaling a nearby house and disappearing... for good.

My arms felt cold now that he was gone... what have I done? 

Fuck my father's honour!! I choose Ezio.

I ran after him.

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