Chapter 15 - Apology

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"Ezio!" I banged on his window. He closed it. And locked it.

I usually came in through the window, as he did to me, but he closed it on me. Worse, he locked it.

"Ezio! I can answer any questions! please! come on Ezzy?" I smiled, Ezzy was a nickname I gave him so long ago, I guess ever since we got into the assassins and the Templars we dropped the nicknames. He used to call me flower in return.

I heard a heavy sigh, a ruffle and then the window unlock, I immediately opened the window myself and hopped inside cautiously.

I saw him sitting on the side of the bed looking down at the ground. Damn, he's even cute when he's sad. He was tapping his feet together nervously but still slow and depressingly.

I move over cautiously, I was about to sit down before he flinched, so I stayed standing.

"Why?" Is all he could say.

I sighed, I got down on my knees in front of him and held his hand. "Ezio... My father told me--" I stopped myself as I saw him avert his gaze over to me for a second, but he realized I saw and he looked straight back at the ground. he then tapped his hand beside him on the bed, I gave him a small smile before sitting down.

"My father told me. that to bring honour to my family, I had to kill you. I asked why... but it was too late... he had passed away on his deathbed." I sighed softly,

(by the way, back then ancient Italy was all about honour and respect, and god help you if you didn't bring that to your family name.) 

"...I see..." He mumbles, "But why did you always pull away...?"

I sighed, and moved my hand over to his, taking his hand in mine, "This is why." 

His face goes a light blush of pink before he covered his face with his other hand. god, help me he's too cute.

"That's why I kept the scarf all those years ago, you wrapped it around my leg, remember?" 

He nodded with a hopeful smile, he scooted closer, "Maybe I can forgive you..." 

I swear I couldn't stop myself from the biggest smile I have ever had. I tackled him into a big hug, "Oh, Ezzy. You mean the world to me, screw my father, I choose you, I want you, I love you!" I went on and on, before cupping his heavily blushing and a big smile on his face and then placed a kiss on his cheek, and then another and another.

He then took my face and stopped me from kissing his cheeks and then he brushed his lips on mine.

we found ourselves both smiling into the sloppy but amazing kiss, it was full of love and I could feel it.

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