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Saturday, February 8th

7:00 P.M.: local divey diner

Yay! I have been hired as an employee at the Duck Revived. My job isn’t very demanding brain-wise, but it does mean I have super-clean hands. Yep, I am a dishwasher.

Anyway, Mom’ll be happy. From now on she’ll probably only mention “financial difficulties” every half hour or so. But even better — a minor miracle has occurred. She said I can keep what I earn. All of it!

Mrs. Barnes, the owner, introduces me to the chef, Derek. Derek smiles and extends a friendly hand, and I notice his nails are kind of dirty and there are a few warts on his fingers. I make a mental note to never eat anything from the Duck Revived but to heartily recommend its culinary delights to Mr. Cain, my math teacher.

“And this is Michelle,” says Mrs. Barnes, grabbing the arm of a passing angel. “Michelle is our waitress. She’s very popular with the clientele.”

Looking at Michelle’s perfect figure and model-like features, I can see why. She is definitely potential girlfriend material ;-)

READERS - what was your first job?

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