Best days of my life?

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Monday 13th January

9.35am: Tower of Terror (AKA Math Block)

Mr. Pitman’s house is depressing, but it has nothing on school. If one more person says to me, “Cheer up son, these are the best days of your life!”, I might have to pin them down, attach electrodes to their private parts and send several thousand volts of electricity coursing through their bodies. These are certainly NOT the best days of my life. At least, I damn well hope not!

Today in geometry, for example, Mr. Cain informs me that he had to give me an F for my homework because the handwriting was so bad. “You are sixteen, Joshua,” he says. “You should be able to write.”

I say, “You are fifty, Mr. Cain. You should be able to read!”

Actually, I just nod and promise to write it out again.

Readers – what’s the best time of your life (so far)?

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