Things to do before I'm seventeen

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10:10 PM: INNER SANCTUM (AKA bedroom)

The same way people write lists of places they should see before they die, I am writing a list of things I should do before I’m seventeen.  Currently they are:

1.   Be kissed be someone who is female, but not a relative, very old, very young, or covered in fur (i.e. get a girlfriend!)

2.    Master the famous “One” by Metallica

3.   See Children of Bodom live. (I might have to travel to Finland for this, but that is a small price to pay – at least metaphorically.)

4.   Be the proud owner of the Randy Rhoads Flying V Jackson with blue ghost flames, ebony fingerboard, and mother-of-pearl shark fin inlays

5.    Get something pierced or tattooed!

6.    Be half as cool as people say my dad was.

Readers – what do you want to do before your next birthday?

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