How annoying is your mom?

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Thursday, January 9th


Madam Zizi, our French teacher, just told us to write a paragraph about our family, but since I don’t know the French for “ridiculously bad-tempered psychos,” it’s gonna be difficult for me. Madam Zizi says we can finish our paragraph at home.

Does one sentence count as a paragraph?

Absolutely it does, which means I can spend the entire evening chilling out to Megadeth and designing a cool cover for my album. Yes!!

Looking at me, you would never guess I’m a metalhead. I look like I’d be more into Cher or the local over-eighties male glee club than Morbid Angel or Slayer. This is because my mom insists that my hair is kept short and in the least fashionable style known to man. She also believes that wearing black T-shirts is satanic. My mother is the most repressed, nun-like person I know. 

Readers – can you relate? What annoying things does your mom make you do?

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