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Theora had had enough last night broke her down completely. She felt like she couldn't spend a second longer in this house. She would leave after saying goodbye to Misha in the morning. Telling her parents would be hard but she had to do it. She couldn't spend another night crying herself to sleep, wallowing in self pity as her husband refused to acknowledge her existence. She refused to be that person again. Getting up early in the morning she packed a few things knowing she had to send someone to get the rest later. As she made her way downstairs to the kitchen she found Misha wasn't there but Nicholas sitting at the table. Nicholas looked up at her and got up from his place. Theora backed away from him even though he was on the other side of the kitchen she didn't feel safe with him.

"Misha is sick she won't be coming in today" Nicholas answered her unanswered question

Without saying anything Theora made her way back upstairs.

"Theora" Nicholas called after her "please... I'm...I'm sorry"

Theora stopped in the middle of the stairs chucking humourlessly.

"Be happy Nicholas you won. I won't be tied around your neck anymore the woman you hated that you couldn't stand to see is finally going.  You should be celebrating maybe invite a few friends have a party"

"Theora please"

"You almost raped me last night Nicholas that's how much you hated me" tears formed in her eyes as she said it "Remember when you said you didn't want this well now I'm saying I don't want this anymore Nicholas. I don't" **

Nicholas' head fell in shame. This what he deserved he thought a man like him doesn't deserve to be forgiven.

Theora went back into her room if Roberto hadn't come in today also she'd order an Uber. When she reached for her phone it started buzzing. Carmen's name flashed on the screen and she picked it up.

"Hello" Theora heard Carmen's teary voice. Theora immediately panicked. Was she and the baby okay?

"Carmen what's wrong?" She unknowingly yelled into the phone.

"It's Papa. You need to come over to the hospital right now" Carmen said. Theora gasped her knees bucking underneath her. The phone fell to the floor while Theora sobbed uncontrollably. Nicholas had run into the room hearing her cry grabbing her phone. Theora could hear him talking with Carmen but it was like she couldn't register it or anything around here.

Nicholas took her to the hospital as quick as he could and Theora jumped out of the car as soon as they arrived.

"Demos Botsaris" She asked at the nurses station

"He's in the OR" second floor to the left.

Theora found most of her family huddled outside of the OR. Her mom and Yaiyai were crying with Carmen, her husband and her in laws comforting them. Theora collapsed in her Yaiyai's arms sobbing uncontrollably.

"Oh my child look what happened to your dear Papa" Yaiyai said hugging back

"How did this happen?" Theora asked through sobs

"They say he had a heart attack. Oh god what am I going to do?" Her mother cried

"Mama please don't lose hope the doctor said they're trying their best" Carmen said comforting her.

Nicholas came in also at that moment after greeting Yaiyai and his mother in law he stood by Carmen's husband Christos who filled him in on what happened.

Half an hour later the doctor came out of the emergency room and everyone stood up.

"I'm happy to inform you Mr. Botsaris is out of danger" everyone let out a sigh of relief when he said that "the heart attack was minor but we have to be careful no more than one person visit him and even after he's discharged make sure to keep him away from stressful situations"

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