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"We're here" Nicholas told Theora drumming his fingers nervously on the steering wheel as he snuck glances at Theora as she sat next to him motionless.

"I know. I'm not blind" she finally said still not looking his way. Nicholas sighed as he unfastened his seatbelt getting out to open the door for Theora but just as he reached for the door she opened it herself and made her way towards the house.

Theora didn't take her keys with her so she waited on the porch Nicholas to open the door. As soon as Nicholas opened the door, Theora made a dash towards the stairs to go up to her room.

"Theora can we talk" she heard Nicholas say behind her as she was midway up the stairs.

"There's nothing to talk about Nicholas" Theora said coldly

"Please just hear me out for a minute" pleaded Nicholas

"Hear you out?" Theora turned around glaring down at Nicholas who was at the bottom of the steps "Why not? Let's have a normal conversation, something we apparently haven't been able to do IN THE FIVE MONTHS WE'VE BEEN TOGETHER!"

"Theora I.."

"I what Nicholas?! What is it that Nicholas needs because god forbid he doesn't get his way or anyone points a finger at precious little Nicholas" seethed Theora "can I also take this moment to congratulate you on your acting today. Best performance I've ever seen. I loved the part when you called my father Papa really highlight of the evening"

"Theora I know you're angry and I also know I deserve it"

"Angry?" Theora started to laugh humourlessly "you think I'm angry at you?"

Nicholas stared at her in confusion his mouth hanging open trying to find words any word for that matter.

"I'm not angry... No not at all. The feeling I feel is more of hate. Pure absolute hate. I hate you, I hate being here with you, I hate being forced to come back to you, and I hate..." Theora's voice cracked unable to continue as her eyes welled up and throat started to constrict.

"And I hate myself more than anything for giving in. I gave in when my parents said I had to marry a stranger. I gave in when you pushed me away. I gave in when treated me like dirt. And today I gave in when I was sent back to you. I hate myself for being such a coward." The tears ran down freely now as Theora admitted it outloud for the first time.

"I want you to stay away from me Nicholas" she warned wiping her tears away "that is until Papa gets better. I was planning on telling him in a few weeks anyway. Till then we keep our separate ways" with that Theora turns around and goes up to her room.

Nicholas still standing by the stairs stunned not knowing what to do he sits down on a step and holds his head in his hands.

The next day both Nicholas and Theora wake up early neither of them had a good night's sleep. Coincidentally both exit their rooms at the same time almost bumping into each other in the hall after an awkward pause Theora takes the lead and heads downstairs. As soon as Theora enters the kitchen she is met with a screaming Misha running towards her with a hug.

"Oh I missed you so much Theora!" Squealed Misha "How is your Papa? Is he well now? How was the rest of the family? Good? Did you miss me?"

"It's good to see you too, Misha" Theora laughed

"Breakfast! I'm such an idiot" Gasped Misha "it's ready just sit down we'll talk later"

"No it's alright, Misha" Theora was saying as Nicholas also walked into the kitchen.

"Sir Nicholas will you be eating your breakfast here too?"

"No thank you, Misha. I have a meeting and I'm late. If you could just give me a bagel and a coffee to go and I'll eat it in the car" Nicholas told her he coughed uncomfortably when he glanced towards Theora. Misha quickly poured coffee in a travel mug and put a bagel into a zip lock bag before handing it to Nicholas. During that time Theora busied herself with her own breakfast choosing to make herself an omelette and didn't even bother to look Nicholas' way as he left.

"What was the fight about?" Misha asked coming up next to Theora.

"What fight?" Theora said too busy with her omelette to realise what she was talking about.

"You and sir Nicholas. It's obvious you're both upset about something"

"It's nothing Misha" Theora said in her best attempt to brush the subject off.

"No it's something" Misha pushed on "Let me guess it's because Sir Nicholas spends so much time working. Right?"

Theora sighed in annoyance and Misha found this to be an admission.

"So I'm right!"

"Misha. I really don't want to talk about it please"

"Sure I understand" Misha says raising her arms up "but let me tell you fighting is normal, healthy even for a marriage and makes making up all the more worth it" she adds wiggling her eyebrows.

Ignoring her Theora sits down to eat her breakfast when her phone started to ring with Carmen's name flashing on the screen.

"Missing me already" Theora said as soon as she picked up.

"Of course, you're the light of my life, the oxygen in my lungs, the yogurt with my rice" Carmen played along

"Did this phone call have a point or was Christos too busy for your daily dose of nonsense?"

"Someone is fussy today, what happened did I disturb your precious alone time with hubby dear? Must have a lot of catching up to do huh?"

"Yes he does have catching up to do in the office where he currently is"

"Really? Well that's what you get for marrying a big time CEO. Good thing I called early then"

"What are you talking about?" Theora asked while munching on her omelette.

"Theora! My baby shower I mentioned it to you like a million times" gasped Carmen

"Oh yeah completely forgot. When is it again?" Theora had completely forgot about Carmen's baby shower she remembers her mentioning it while she was at Papa's but to be fair Theora was on zombie mode then.

"Really Theora! Were you even paying attention. I didn't have a date set because my in laws were in Greece. Well now their back and the baby shower is next Sunday so tell that busy hubby of yours to clear his schedule"

"But why are you inviting him to your baby shower? It's a women's only event"

"Christos is having a manly barbecue in the garden and all the male members of the family have to attend so tell him beforehand" explained Carmen "it's a joyous occasion I want all of the family to celebrate with me"

"Alright I'll tell him"

"I have to go Tiny. My mother in law is on the other line"

"K Manny. Best of luck"

Theora dropped the phone on the table loudly out of annoyance. Well she wasn't going to tell Nicholas he'll probably find out from another family member anyway she thought and she continued on with her breakfast.

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