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Theora sat in the living room with her arms crossed staring into nothingness. A week had passed since she came back home and she was more miserable than ever. The worst was when Misha left around five and Theora was left alone with her thoughts for the rest of the day. Nicholas had heeded her warning and stayed far away only arriving home late at night when Theora had already gone to sleep.

I can't keep living like this Theora thought I can't continue on being a miserable mess. She sighed looking around thinking of someway to change her situation maybe she could occupy herself with something else. Theora looked around for her phone for a while but couldn't find it in the living room thinking she might have left it upstairs in her bedroom she decided to think of something else. Books? No. Tv? Nah. Laptop? Maybe some YouTube? No again.

Still searching for something to do her gaze fell on the bar at the edge of the living room. Theora wasn't much of a drinker only drinking the odd glass of wine during special occasions but if the movies were to be believed it was a good way to get your mind of things. Hesitantly she went up to the cabinet and searched the wide array of alcohol selections she passed on the wines and the champagnes they seemed boring to her. She paused infront of the vodka but thought better of it till a skull shaped bottle caught her attention the label was in Spanish but she could make out the word tequila on it.

"Guess I'm going with you bud" Theora shrugged taking a shot glass and the bottle with her to the kitchen. She placed the bottle and glass on the counter and slowly filled it up being careful not to spill any. Theora stared at the glass for a full minute before quickly grabbing it and gulping it down before she chickened out. Immediately she regretted it as the liquid burnt her throat with it descent downwards she scrunched up her face like she had been given the sourest of lemons. Once she shook the feeling off, Theora could feel the tequila already working with a slight buzz in her head. With her judgement already clouded she poured herself another shot and drank it this one was a bit more easier to go down.

Suddenly the idea popped into her head that she needed to take initiative and should call her parents. Making her way upstairs she searched for her phone but couldn't find it anywhere in the room and thought maybe she put it somewhere in the closet. Clumsily searching through all the shelves she moved around boxes and messed up neatly folded clothes searching for the phone to no avail. While looking for it on the top shelf she knocked off a large box that was sitting on it with the contents of the pretty pastel box spilling all over the floor, Theora picked up the white lacy lingerie Carmen had bought for her as a gift suggesting to wear on her honeymoon. It was a lacy bodice with matching lacy underwear in that current state of mind Theora thought it would be a good idea to wear them her objective being to look like one of those Victoria Secret models. Once Theora put it on she found the bodice was a tad bit tight in the chest area but shrugged it off making her way downstairs back to the kitchen.

"You need a name" she told the tequila skull bottle "how about Diego? Yeah you look like a Diego" and then she took two more shots to commemorate Diego.

A couple more shots later, Theora wanted to play in the snow and was upset it hadn't snowed yet this year.

"I'll make my own snow this year" she mumbled to herself making her way to the living room with a small knife. Walking towards the large cushions of the all white couch in the living room that were stuffed with down and feathers she slit the cushion open with one swift flick of the wrist. Theora grabbed the ends of the pillows and began pouring out the contents making her own fake snow with feathers floating all around her. Not happy with just one pillow she started slashing all the pillows , six in all, and created her little winter wonderland. Starting up the stereo to a dance track she began dancing and throwing the feathers in the air. In her head she was having the best day ever.

"WHAT THE.." Theora froze as she heard the all too familiar voice.

"Theora?" Nicholas came into the living room with a shocked expression consuming in the slashed cushions, the mess and his wife in white lingerie all at once. Theora turned halfway around the see Nicholas' face before deciding to make a run for it. Nicholas didn't have enough time to react seeing Theora flee and by the time he ran after her she had already reached the garden.

"THEORA STOP!" Yelled Nicholas after her

"No! You're a meanie!" Theora kept on running

"Oh god! She's drunk" Nicholas realised and ran even faster as Theora approached the frozen swimming pool "Theora you're going to fall in!"

Theora stopped at the edge of the pool turning around to face Nicholas not knowing where to run now. Nicholas saw his chance and made a dash to grab her away from the edge but Theora moved away last minute causing Nicholas to fall straight into the pool. The ice on top caved in and Nicholas instantly was consumed by the frigid water.

"You fell like the bad guy in home alone" Theora's laughter erupted

Thankfully the ladder was near by and Nicholas was able to grab it and get out. Once safely out Nicholas was furious, one angry glare at Theora and the girl didn't need to be told twice making a dash for it again.

Nicholas angrily removed his wet clothes and dropped them on the ground next to the pool only leaving his underwear on.

"THEORA!" He screamed once back in the house and saw a white flash go up the stairs with long strides he was soon behind. Theora was about to lock the door when Nicholas pushed himself in.

"What the hell Theora! I could've died in that pool!" Nicholas yelled 

"I'm going to be sick" Theora said holding her mouth once the excitement stopped her stomach started acting up. Nicholas suddenly forgot his anger and quickly helped Theora reach the bathroom in time. He held her hair while Theora emptied the contents of her stomach.

"Good god Theora! What have you done to yourself?" Nicholas said as he helped her up.

"I don't want to be miserable anymore" Theora mumbled before collapsing in Nicholas' arms from exhaustion. Nicholas felt like he had been punched in the gut how selfish had he been to not see what he was doing to this poor girl.

"I'm sorry Theora. I'm so very sorry. You don't deserve this" he mumbled into her hair pulling her closer. "Let's get you to bed"

Nicholas carried her in his arms before carefully placing her on the bed.

"Too tight" squirmed Theora opening the zipper to the bodice. Realising what she was doing Nicholas looked away and hurried to her closet retrieving the first thing he saw, his old pokemon shirt. Still not looking Theora's way as she threw the bodice off, Nicholas held out the shirt for Theora to wear. Thankfully Theora was able to grab the shirt and put it over her head before collapsing back into her pillow. Nicholas was about to put the comforter over her and leave when Theora caught ahold of his arm.

"Don't go" she whined

"Theora you won't like me being her in the morning" Nicholas chuckled trying to get out of her grip but Theora wasn't having any of it.

"Please stay with me" she whimpered pulling Nicholas into bed with her and resting her head on his shoulders. Nicholas gave in but planned to stay for a while till she fell asleep then he could sneak out to his room without sober Theora killing him in the morning. It was a great plan but as soon as Theora breathing steadied and she fell into to deep slumber Nicholas found his eyelids feeling heavy and soon he too went to sleep.

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