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The Botsaris home was abuzz as their youngest daughter was set to be married in a week. Servants were running around the mansion frantically attending chores they were assigned to by the matriarch of the family. They all prayed silently to themselves that they not be the one to screw up as not to face her wrath.

The estate was rather large and away from all the commotion downstairs in the hall, upstairs in her bedroom the eighteen year old bride to be ,Theora, was staring at herself in the mirror with a worried look.

"You keep up that face for long you'll create creases in your forehead" her sister Carmen said as she entered the room with a large package.

Theora relaxes her expression somewhat looking over her features once again. She had a nice round face that was not to big and not too small it was the perfect size complimenting her long dark black wavy hair. She had a cute button nose, nice round eyes with well defined eyebrows and cheekbones. Both sisters looked quiet alike but Carmen was more voluptuous while Theora was more dainty hence the nickname Tiny.

"Something's wrong" muttered Theora talking to her sister's reflection in the mirror.

"Did you get a pimple?" Her sister came up to her "I don't see one Tiny"

"I don't know it doesn't feel right, the wedding I mean" Theora let out a frustrated sigh.

"What are you worried about Tiny? Nicholas is young, he's handsome, he's rich, not to mention Greek"

"I don't know him" whined Theora

"Tiny you'll get to know him once your married. You know how these things work"

"That wasn't the case for you"

"Well" Carmen chuckled lowly "my case was different I've known Christos since we were kids and deep down I guess we knew we were destined together" Carmen smiled rubbing her small three month bump. Theora was happy for her sister and the thought of her soon to be niece/nephew made her forget her worries for a moment. Moving over to her sister she placed a hand on Carmen's belly.

"Remember I'm your favourite aunt little one. Your father's sister might have a nice play set in her garden but she won't have any good bedtime stories and won't be any fun to play with"

"Sarah will be too busy with her own three kids to care for the little one Tiny. You'll definitely be the favourite aunt. I'll make sure of it" Carmen says with a wink.

"Oh I almost forgot these are the veils the boutique sent, Yiayia wants you to choose one" Carmen said taking the veils out of the package.

"Tell Yiayia I'll choose the veil at the final fitting of the dress" Theora said getting up from the bed straightening it out in the process. A messy room was one of her greatest pet peeves.

"She'll be angry Tiny" warned Carmen

"But how will I know which one suits the dress Manny" although their Yiayia insisted no one call Carmen by her nickname once she got married Theora still called her Manny in private.

"Alright I'll tell her and send the veils back" Carmen said placing the veils back into the package. "Don't you have a facial to go to?"

"It's later on at 5. I also have a full body wax seriously if I have to hear 'it'll hurt only a little' one more time" Theora huffed

"Well it won't sound that bad when dear Nicholas will say it on the wedding night" joked Carmen.

The knot in Theora's stomach tightened itself and with it all the anxiousness flooded back.

"He's a complete stranger Manny. What am I going to do?" Theora asked her sister while plopping on the bed helplessly.

"It'll be fine Tiny. Men nowadays are willing to give their wives some time. Remember cousin Nicky her husband waited a full month for them to get better aquatinted. If you feel uncomfortable just tell Nicholas" suggested Carmen.

"What if it's the complete opposite and he doesn't like me not wanting anything to do with me?" She mumbled

"You just worry too much Tiny"

"No think about it Manny we've been engaged almost a year now and not once has he tried to meet or talk to me"

"He was busy with his MBA it was his final year after all"

"It's the not the eighteenth century he could've atleast called. Not once this entire year has he tried to contact me"

"Maybe he's just shy Tiny." Carmen reasoned "Look Tiny you're nervous it's normal to feel that way before the wedding. Loosen up a bit your going to break out from all the stress. Remember how I was all worried and ended up with that huge pimple on my nose on the day of my wedding"

"How could I forget it was as big as a cow" Theora lightened up a bit.

"I know that make up lady was a miracle worker how she managed to hide that humongous pimple still baffles me" Carmen shook her head.

The sisters talked in their room as they're parents and grandmother frantically discussed the guest list and caterers downstairs for the billionth time this year. The Botsaris name was on the line nothing but the best would work.

In another mansion across town which was slightly more grand was also preparing for the wedding. While the Markopoulos household was a bit more calm than the Botsaris one chaos of a different kind ensued.

"I'm not going to do it!" Yelled the young master of the house, Nicholas in his father's study "I barely know this girl. It's insane!"

"So I and my ancestors before me were also insane" his father's voice boomed. Leon was a man of morals and he didn't take his sons obstinance lightly.

"Your time was different no one does arranged marriages today" Nicholas argued but he could literally see his defeat ahead of him. There was no winning against Leon Markopoulos.

"Our traditions are a testament to time they haven't changed for centuries and they won't change now" Leon remained firm

"Well then find someone else to marry her and follow tradition because I sure as hell won't"

"Then I'll have to hand over the company to that person too"

Nicholas opened his mouth but shut it back up. The company was the one thing he cared most about and worked hard all these years to get and his father knew that.

"If you don't agree to marrying Theora then leave the keys to the house and car and get out. Let's see if you can make a name for yourself without the family name backing you up"

"Father this is unfair" Nicholas said in a last futile attempt to convince his father.

"Life is unfair Son. The sooner you learn that the better" Leon said looking through files on his desk.

"Your going to get married next week, I want you to be on your best behaviour not one complaint from your in laws will be accepted. You are to keep Theora happy and not tarnish both our family names. Am I clear?" He's father stared him straight on waiting for an answer.

"Yes sir"

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