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His employees did fear Nicholas he was a no nonsense type of boss but he had his reasons for getting angry. Well that was the way it used to be because today after seeing Theora with that man he wasn't Nicholas but a fire breathing dragon who burnt anyone to a crisp who crossed his path. First he went off at an employee who didn't bring him his file soon enough, then it was his secretary who hadn't stacked all the papers neatly enough and finally he went off on the head of HR for hiring such incompetent employees. Even after all this rampage did Nicholas' rage lessen by the slightest.

Theora was with the same man from the party. He'd be willing to believe that they were strangers then but now suddenly they became shopping buddies. Nicholas was jealous with a capital "JEALOUS" there was no denying that.

When he brought Rachel home it was just for show she was a hired actress he brought over to annoy Theora. He planned on bringing her home each night till Theora had enough and left. It was completely fake even when Rachel actually made a move on him he immediately put her down. But Theora doesn't know it was fake the annoying voice of reason said in his head. Of course Nicholas told that voice to something off and kept the rage burning inside him alive.

Theora was at home and placing her new clothes in her closet when Nicholas arrived home. She didn't have a habit of closing the door when in her room as she had a slight problem with claustrophobia so her door was wide open when Nicholas came upstairs. She had the empty plastic bags in her hand when she exited the closet to face a fuming Nicholas.

"Went shopping I see" Nicholas said "bought anything you liked?

Theora didn't say anything choosing to ignore him she folded the bags neatly and placed them in a drawer for later use.

"Did you buy something for yourself or him?" Nicholas seethed.

"I have no reason to explain myself to you" Theora said walking away from him. Having none of it Nicholas grabbed her wrist and pushed her against the wall boxing her in.

"He sweet talked you at the party and you didn't even blink before running into his arms" Nicholas growled "How long have you been secretly meeting him? Has he been to the house?"

"Like I said I'm not going to explain myself to you. Now let me go!" Theora pushed at his chest but Nicholas didn't budge.

"What did you say the other day that I don't want to disappoint my parents. Hah what would your parents think of their daughter prancing around with a complete stranger. Ever think of that!"

"Prancing around! You have the audacity to accuse me when your practically a man whore"

"It's for sex isn't it? Your man whore husband is denying your sexual needs so you fall into the arms of the first man who looks your way"

"You're disgusting" Theora tried to push him away again to no avail.

"Tell me what does it for you. Huh?" Nicholas moved closer to Theora she tried to wriggle herself free but that didn't help one bit "tell me what buttons do I push to please you? Whatever he did I can do better!"

Nicholas pushed his head into the crook of her neck as he pushed himself more on Theora. Theora could feel Nicholas' hot breath on her skin it felt like it was burning her. It didn't feel right all she wanted was to get away from him.


Theora didn't know how she managed to slap Nicholas but she now had a throbbing pain in her hand. Nicholas' head remained frozen to the side a red mark could clearly be seen where Theora's hand made contact.

"You win" Theora sobbed as hot tears fell down her cheeks. "You win I'll leave just please let me go" with that Theora crouched down on the ground completely shattered.

Nicholas took a step back looking down at the sobbing girl. He broke her. And in the process broke himself. He was the cause of this in his rage he let out a monster he never knew was inside of him. He felt disgusted with himself. Stumbling into his room he ran into the bathroom suddenly feeling sick. Throwing up the contents of his lunch he started up the tap to wash his face. Looking up at his reflection he couldn't stand to even look at himself. Nostrils flaring he punched the mirror shattering it a line of blood trickled down from his clenched fist.

"What have I done?"

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