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Two days later, Camelot Prep...

Gil had decided to join a club or sport to keep himself busy, like Uma told him to do early, and what better sport then archery! His father, Gaston was a skilled archer, so why shouldn't he be?

Gil made his way outside to see the targets all set up and his instructor waiting for more students.

"You're a bit early, don't you think?" The instructor said. Gil gave a nod of understating. "Well then, gear up. I advise you to choose a bow carefully, you'll be using it all year."

"Yes sir." Gil said, before going over to pick a bow. He grabbed a red leather recurve bow. He noticed more and more students piling in. They grabbed bows along with arrows. Gil followed what they did and picked up a set of arrows.

"Welcome to today's lesson, for any new student I am your instructor, Sir Lancelot." Lancelot introduced. "We have a new teammate with us. Come on up, son."

Gil noticed that Sir Lancelot was talking to him. Gil looked at the others before stepped forward.

"What's your name, son?" Lancelot asked.


"Alright Gil, tell us something about yourself."

"I like food." Once that came out of his mouth, the students laughed at him. Gil let out a nervous laugh, wondering if they were laughing with him, or at him.

"Alright then, you can go back where you were." Gil quickly walked back to his place and looked down.

"Sorry I'm late sir." A familiar voice said, Gil looked up to see the one and only Sophie. His Sophie, the one he dated then forgot after following Uma and Harry.

"Sophie, glad you could join us. Class this is Sophie and she will be helping you prepare." Lancelot announced. Gil kept his head down, turning not to cause anything.

"Gil?" Too late. Gil turned and looked up to see Sophie standing there with a smile on her pretty face.

"Sophie, hey." Gil said awkwardly.

"I didn't know you go here now." She said quickly. "Although I did hear a rumor about two villain kids attending Camelot Prep now. Who's the second one?"

"U-uma." Gil hesitated.

"Uma?" Sophie choked out in question. It wasn't a surprise to Gil that Sophie didn't like Uma one bit, not since she was the main reason Gil left her.

"Yeah.. Harry is here and Willow too."

"You know, I heard that Willow is pregnant know. Is it Harry?" Sophie tried to pry out of poor Gil. In a close second, Willow wasn't much of a friend to her either. Sophie's life on the Isle had been a living hell. Some wonder when she would ever get revenge.

An eye for an eye.

Uma and Willow were just the best friends that made a hell of a life for Sophie, at least, until Mal stole Willow away. One of the many reasons why Uma hates Mal and Mal hates Uma.

Same Day...

Without Gil to pest her, Uma had went to her classes to show other that they're wrong about her and Gil and all the other villains. They can fit in, even if she wanted to skip the class.

Uma stepped into her next class and sat in a random seat, kicking her feet up. Students started to pile in, most of them staring at Uma. Boys with lust, girls with envy.

Laura showed up and smiled before sitting in the seat next to her. "Hi Uma."

"Hey." She said in a bored tone. Maybe I should have skipped. Uma thought. She was about to grab her bag to leave when she heard a voice.

"That's my seat." The voice growled. Uma looked to see it was Willow's soon-to-be step-sister, Lala. ...or was it Lana? Lena? I know it started with an L. Well I'm not getting up now, or else I'll look weak.

"Don't see your name on it, or whatever your name is." Uma fired. People around them ooed.

"It's Lola! I can have you thrown back on that filthy island for speaking to me that way." Lola gave a smirk.

More like Loca. Uma thought, using the word she learned in her spanish class. (In Spanish: loca = crazy.)

"Willow wouldn't let you, your king would rather have his own daughter happy."

"Well, soon enough I'll be his daughter to-"

"Step." Uma said in boredom.

"Excuse me?" Lola asked.

"You would be a step-daughter. Blood is thicker than water, angelfish. You can end world hungry, you can be the nicest person in the world, well I don't know about that last one, but anyways. You can try to get on your King's good side, hell your mother is marrying the king, but a parent always puts their own child before an step-kids."

The room was silent, listening to each and every word that came out of Uma's mouth. People's eyes flicked from Lola to Uma, hoping not to miss anything.

"Alright class, take your seats." Said the teacher that had just walked in. Lola gave a fake smile before sitting in the back with her friends.

"That was awesome." Laura whispered. Uma gave a sly smirk.

And to think, I was going to skip class.


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