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Come Little Children~ HARRY HOOK* BOOK 1 by alvarezsamy
Come Little Children~ HARRY HOOK* Samy O Alvarez
Willow Sanderson is the daughter of the eldest Sanderson sisters, Winifred. She and her friend Mal were close until Mal, Jay, Carlos and Evie were send to Auradon. After...
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Sister De Vil (Editing)~ DISNEY DESCENDANTS by alvarezsamy
Sister De Vil (Editing)~ DISNEY Samy O Alvarez
Meet Carol. Carlos little sister. When she, her friends, and brother go to Auradon, what secrets will she unlock? *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* 48 Chapters. Just in case it te...
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Truly Enchanted~ DISNEY DESCENDANTS by alvarezsamy
Truly Enchanted~ DISNEY DESCENDANTSby Samy O Alvarez
Once upon a time... long, long ago... actually 20 years ago, little miss bookworm married her beast, in front of all their friends, like 6000 of them or something. Big c...
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Perfection~ MAL* BOOK 3 by alvarezsamy
Perfection~ MAL* BOOK 3by Samy O Alvarez
Mal and Cori have lived peacefully for a while. Even when the new batch V.K.'s are being brought to Auradon and Uma is still on the loose, Cori and Mal's love for each o...
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Not-So Perfect~ MAL by alvarezsamy
Not-So Perfect~ MALby Samy O Alvarez
The Perfect Daughter. The Perfect Sister. The Perfect Princess. That's how Cori was portrayed by everyone. She was the perfect girl, with a well hidden secret interest i...
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I Put a Spell On You~ HARRY HOOK* BOOK 2 by alvarezsamy
I Put a Spell On You~ HARRY HOOK* Samy O Alvarez
~IN NEED OF MAJOR EDITING~ Sequel to Come Little Children... 5 months past, Willow is now the size of a watermelon, she and Uma are still the bosses of the Isle, until W...
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Almost Perfect~ MAL* BOOK 2 by alvarezsamy
Almost Perfect~ MAL* BOOK 2by Samy O Alvarez
Things have gone perfect for Mal and Cori for the last few months. Mal will soon by the Lady of the Court. With Cori busy, it hardly leaves time to spend together. But M...
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My Fairest of Them All~ EVIE by alvarezsamy
My Fairest of Them All~ EVIEby Samy O Alvarez
Who could compete with the daughter of Snow White? With the grace and beauty of a princess, and the fierce and skillfulness of a warrior. People can just imagine what sh...
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Home Sweet Home~ DESCENDANTS* BOOK 2 by alvarezsamy
Home Sweet Home~ DESCENDANTS* Samy O Alvarez
Sequel to Truly Enchanted.. The Royal Cotillion is around the corner, but when Mal plan to return to the Isle of the Lost and Nicolette follows, she bump into some old f...
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Heirs and Descendants~ DESCENDANTS (F.F REMAKE) by alvarezsamy
Heirs and Descendants~ Samy O Alvarez
*A BETTER AND CLEARER VERSION OF TREMAINE COUSINS* Two girls. One with hair as bright as fire, the other with an attitude to make an man or woman shake in fear. Both wit...
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Mistress of Dreams~ PRINCE BEN* BOOK 2 by alvarezsamy
Mistress of Dreams~ PRINCE BEN* Samy O Alvarez
Florence is a few days away from becoming the Lady of the Court. But how can she focus when she stresses about her schedule and her meeting with Mother Ginger. On top of...
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Something Wicked This Fae Comes~ PRINCE BEN by alvarezsamy
Something Wicked This Fae Comes~ Samy O Alvarez
There had been five realms instead of four. Land of Dreams, ruled by the Good Fairy Fiona. Protector of children from around the land. But when she makes a deal with Mot...
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A Wicked World After All (Editing)~ DISNEY DESCENDANTS by alvarezsamy
A Wicked World After All (Editing) Samy O Alvarez
Sequel to Sister De Vil Carol found out she not Carlos sister. She's not a De Vil. But, can she keep this secret? Or will the truth come out?
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