Chapter 8

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I yelled running to the pond. I parked on the road but its a distance from the actual pond.

"C-CRAIG,"I keep yelling for him. I don't care who I wake up. I needed to explain for being a half hour late. The kitten in my arms meowing along with my yelling.

I get to the bench at the pond and I see him. "C-Craig!"

He turns around. He looks as if he's crying he runs up to me

"I thought you weren't going to come, I was so scared I ruined all my chances." He stutters out with tears rolling down his cheeks.

"Y-yes I'm h-here. Wait, c-chances of what-"

His lips collide into mine. He places a hand on my cheek and I tense before melting into the kiss. His smell, his warmth, his everything. I wanted it all. It went on for a little bit before a little noise caused him to pull away.

His red face looks down at the little one making noise in the jacket.

"Why do you have a kitten?" he asks.

"I-I found him s-shivering in the c-cold when I got out of w-work. We came to y-you right out of the a-animal h-hospital." I say my face still red from moments ago.

"My parents are out of town on vacation, my sister is at a sleepover with Karen. Wanna go to my house?" Craig looks at me with pleading eyes. "We can get the kitten out of the cold, and you too." He places a hand on my cheek. "Your cold too, do you know how cold it is outside?"

I nod and I start walking to my car with Craig following me. I pull the keys out of my back jeans pocket and toss them at Craig. He looks confused for a moment and then my car comes into view.

"You sure you don't wanna drive?" he asks

"Mhmm," I said hopping into the passenger seat. He hops in and adjusts the seat because he is quite a bit taller and he starts the car.

"I didn't know you even had a car." He says to me. I was texting my mother to take care of Skylar for me and that I was staying at Craig's and I didn't know what time I would be home or if I was even coming home.

"Y-yeah, I walk to s-school usually. The car is f-for when I do b-business runs to D-Denver or if I go to w-work."

He nods and pulls into his driveway. He hands me my keys and I grab the bag of cat stuff and my backpack and lock the car. I walk up the walkway and Craig is holding the door for me and he takes my backpack from me at the door and walks up the stairs. I follow him with the now asleep ball of fluff still in the jacket. I walk into his room and I'm immediately filled with the smell of Craig.

"Here," Craig grabs a cardboard box and places it on the floor and places a small pillow in the bottom and I set the fluffy gray cat in it and I unfolded the red racer jacket.

Craig stares at the jacket, then looked at his feet. I sit on the floor with the box. "Do you have any warm water so I can make some formula?" I ask looking up at Craig.

"Yeah, hang on" he walks out and brings in a bowl of some warm water. I make the milk into a baby bottle they gave me. I take the kitten out and hold him giving him the milk. "Does he have a name yet?"

"N-no," I say as a response. I haven't thought of a name. I haven't even thought about keeping him. It would be nice f Skylar had a friend to play with while I was at school and work. But a cat? "D-do you w-wanna name h-him Craig?" I look at him. His face goes red and he looks away.

"Umm... Raven?" he rubs his neck.

"I l-like that,"I say smiling at him and he turns even redder. He crawls onto the floor.

"You know, if you can't take off the cat at your place, I can give him a home here, and you can visit him whenever you want. I just think it would be better with Skylar and all," he says leaning against me. His smell now even stronger. I put the kitten in the box and look at Craig.

I turned over to him. "C-Craig?" I leaned into him and buried my face in his chest. Taking in every ounce of happiness here wishing it would never go away. He lifts my chin up and kisses me.

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