Chapter 10

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When I woke up I felt warm. When I opened my eyes I noticed there was no Craig. I sat up and realized I was completely naked. Then I remembered last night. I felt myself turn red and then my eye noticed the set of clothes in the corner of the bed. They were Craig's. I assumed he laid them out for me so I crawled out of his bed and put them on. They were a blue t-shirt which was pretty baggy on me and a pair of joggers that still had the tag on them? They fit me pretty well though. The kitten must have heard me and started meowing.

I picked him out petting his fluffy gray fur. His little meows were obvious he was hungry. I looked into my bag and grabbed the formula. I needed water. I picked up the kitten and the tin and opened the bedroom door.

Still no Craig. I walked down the stairs not to find anyone. Craig said that his parents were gone. Ruby was with Karen. But where was the devil himself? I walked into the kitchen and got the water myself. I started to feed the kitten and I made my way back up the stairs.

I got to the room and grabbed my phone. I checked the time.


Craig gets up this early? I knew it was a school day so I would have to drive back to my house. I would have to ask my mom to watch the kitten while I go to school. The kitten finished the bottle and I put him back into his box and the bottle into my bag.

I decided that I should leave soon so I looked around and picked up my clothes off the floor and put them into my bag and put it on my shoulder. I picked up the box and grabbed my keys.

I decided I would text Craig as I waited for my car to warm up. I walked down the stairs and then the front door opened.

It was Craig.

"Going somewhere?" he asked with an eyebrow raised. I noticed he had a coffee in each hand and a grocery bag. "Here" He outstretched his arm for me to take it. I did.

"C-Craig?" I asked after taking a sip of the black coffee.

"Yes, sweetheart?" He purred while putting whatever he got away in the kitchen and I set the box on the dining table and followed him.

"W-where were y-you?" I asked and he put the empty plastic bag into a paper bag by the garbage. He walked towards me and wrapped his hands around my waist and kissed me.

"Our Coffee pot doesn't work. I figured I would get back before you woke up. Also, you look pretty cute in blue." He looked down at the joggers. "You didn't take the tag off?" with that he took the tag off and I looked up at him. "I got them as a present from my mom but they didn't fit and she lost the receipt. You can have them. They fit you well cutie"

"T-thank you baby" I stuttered out.

"Do you need to leave right now?" He asked me. As much as I wanted to stay I couldn't. I needed a shower and to get my stuff and to find somewhere for this kitten.

"Y-yes...You can c-come with C-Craig.." I stuttered out.

"Alright let me get my stuff. I'll meet you at the car" He kissed my forehead and ran up the stairs.

I picked up the box again and walked to my car. I put the kitten in the back seat and turned the heat on and hopped into the driver's seat having to adjust it from Craig's long legs. Then Craig came out of his house and locked the door. He threw his backpack into the back seat next to the box and threw his keys on to the dash. I backed the car up and started driving down the road.

Then Craig out of nowhere punched the roof of the car and yelled 'Sex Credit'.

"What the Hell!?" I yelled and he immediately realized what he did and looked out the window looking sad. This made me feel bad because I raised my voice. "Whats a 'sex credit'?" I asked. His face lit up and he started to explain.

"While when you see a car with a headlight out you punch the roof and yell sex credit. You only get the point if your first to catch it. It's something me and Kenny did when we were driving to Denver for a job interview at night. It wasn't like we were actually gonna fuck. Butters was in the backseat keeping score. I won by two."

"I remember Butters talking about it, the trip, not the sex," I started driving into my driveway opening the garage and parking in it. I shut off my car and grabbed the box with the sleeping kitten.

I unlocked the door and walked into the kitchen seeing my mom reading the paper.

"Hey sweetie, Hello Craig its been a while huh?" Craig nodded and she stood up and walked over to us. "Whats in the box?" I looked at Craig and he nodded. I walked over and set my bag on the table and took out the jacket keeping the kitten warm and handed my mom the little ball of fuzz. "No way!!" She whispered yelled.

"Tweek found him leaving work and brought him to the animal hospital," Craig stated grabbing my hand and wrapping our fingers together.

"Can you watch Raven?" I asked.

"His name is Raven?!" she squealed. Not sure if I mentioned this but my moms from Baltimore. She fucking loves the Ravens. To bad my dad is a Broncos fan. "Yes, I can. I'm not working today."

"Thank you Mrs. Tweek," Craig stated. My mom took the kitten and the bag with everything and Craig started explaining everything to my mom that was in the bag.

I walked upstairs and went to took a shower. Leaving Craig with my mom. He didn't seem to mind I saw as I walked up the stairs.

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