Chapter 6

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Upon arriving at the mechanic, I see Kenny working.

"Hey K-Kenny."

"Heya Tweekers, here for your coffee mobile?" Kenny asks laughing.

"H-haha," I say sarcastically "Y-yes."

He goes into another room. He tells a man something and walks back out.

"They are giving your car an oil change, said it needed one bad. You got another 15 minutes with my love," he says fluttering his eyes.

"H-hows you and B-butters?" Butters and Kenny have been dating for almost a year now. I admit they were cute. Kenny worked hard to spoil Butters. I remember him Working at the coffee shop for a month so he could get him a new laptop for his birthday. I someday wanted to have a relationship like theirs. Besides Butters was the only one who would hang out with me outside of school. We go out to eat every Sunday after the Broncos game.

"My angel and I have a date tonight," he said acting all cutsie.

"C-come by the c-coffee shop and I'll hook you g-guys with some h-hot chocolate."

"That would be nice, Thank you Tweekers" He said smiling.

"H-how much m-more is it going to be w-with the oil change K-ken?"

"What's with you and Craig? Are you two a thing? Should I be handing out condoms? He looked pretty pissed off at lunch."

"N-No we a-aren't d-dating" I stutter out cheeks going red. "Wait, what h-happened at l-lunch"

"Oh yeah, you left. Well, Clyde was bragging about how he 'kicked your ass' cause you were flirting with Craig." He said checking the phone that butters got him then continued. "Then Craig started yelling at him saying that you are misunderstood and it's heartbreaking what people do to you cause you like other boys."

"Oh," was all I could say. "Craig s-stood up for m-me?"

"Yep!" He replied. "I have a cig with Craig once and awhile. Came out to me a few years ago."

"Craig is b-bi?" I asked in utter shock.

"Nope full dicks and butts" Kenny laughed. "Hell, I've always known he had a crush on you since 6th grade. Afraid to tell you after he blew you off during your confession."

"H-He told you a-about t-that?" I question shaky. My love confession went to absolute shit. I asked Craig out with roses and Red Racer jacket and he told me that I was a fag and that I would die alone, and that he hated me with every fiber of his being and that if I talked to him ever again he would kick my ass. Let us just say I took that hard and I Didn't leave my room for a few days.

"Yeah, told me he loved you too."


"Yesterday, at Clyde's place. Clyde was having us all play Truth or Dare and Craig never backs down on anything and he was asked who he liked by Red. He said he fell in love with you and that he hopes to make it up to you in some way."

"W-wow," I said my face a deep red from embarrassment.

"Clyde then got pissed and threatened to beat you bloody in the morning, Cause 'you were manipulating him into liking you and that Craig is Straight' and to be honest I think Clyde has a crush on Token."

"W-wait..." I check my phone. I was right. The ' Unknown Number' from this morning was now replaced with a 'Craig Tucker'.

He tried warning me.....and I blew him off just now....damn Tweek....

"The green 2008 Pontiac is ready," A man through the walkie-talkie on Kenny's belt said.

"Fallow me tweekers" Kenny said opening the door for me.

A guy gave Kenny my keys which he handed to me along with some paperwork. I filled it out and handed him my insurance card. He walked away and walked back.

"Have a nice night Tweek. I'll see you around."

"T-thank you K-Ken," I say giving him a hug before getting into my car and driving to work.

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