Chapter 12

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Walking into school it feels normal. Nobody cares to say hello so I just keep walking. I have to stop at my locker to get one of my older sketchbooks. When shoving it into my backpack I notice a letter fall out of my bag. The letter from my English teacher. Saying that my letter was due.

A letter that is being graded for summative points...

I quickly shove everything into my backpack and run to the art bloc to my class. Rushing in the empty hall before class I notice someone but pay no attention to who it is until they charge at me that same speed I'm going at and I get knocked back onto the ground. I look up and see Clyde.

I get up and start walking again to class hoping he will just let me off the hook. "Why did you fuck my Craig?" Clyde's yells echo in the long empty hallway.

"Your Craig?" I turn to ask confused. "He was single before anything, and how the hell do you know about that?" I'm starting to get angry but I don't know why. Something with Clyde calling Craig his pisses me off, I guess.

"Craig is my best friend and he will always be mine, I am NOT letting you come between us!" I stare at him shocked. Does that mean-

"You're in love with Craig aren't you?" I say. I'm not thinking straight. I start walking towards him. "I'm sorry but he is with me now. You cant have him."

"BULLSHIT I CAN'T!" Clyde yells swinging his fist which landed and hit my gut causing me to cough. He keeps taking swings and I just do my number one defense tactic. Duck and cover till he goes away. Only these punches are hard and have feelings of hatred behind them. He doesn't stop. The bell rings, and he doesn't stop. Students, Teachers, even friends walk by us. They see him beating me and they just do nothing. They must be too busy to help me.

When Clyde finally stops I can't feel my left arm. Everything hurts so much. I'm just gasping and gasping for air, but somehow not getting enough. I can't even sit up.

"Craig is mine, how fucking dare you take his virginity. That was meant to be mine. I will make every day of your life a living hell for this." He says catching his breath. he spits on me and walks away.

I don't know what I was expecting to happen when I and Craig had sex. Maybe more of a one-time thing. I never knew It was his virginity. It was mine too but I'd never tell him that. I'd hate for him to feel guilty about last night as much as I was.

I could transfer schools, but I'd still get shit through text and social media. I could move away to the shop we have In boulder and manage that, but my parents would be upset.

"Tweek... what happened..?" I look up at the figure looming above me. I roll onto my back and spread my body out but my left arm. I cant move it away from my body. Cause its broken. The lump is very visible.


"Let's go, this is horrible. I should have never taken Butters from you and left you alone. Especially with what Clyde put on Instagram." He picks me up very carefully. I'm surprised he can even lift me with his twig body.

"......" I don't say anything. All I can taste is warm blood in my mouth. Besides, I think it's a good idea to stay silent for a while.

I don't want to make another mistake. I close my eyes and everything turns black.

Everything stops. Kenny's mumbling gets quieter and quieter until it fades. Am I dying?

If I am, I don't wanna wake up...




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