Chapter 7

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I arrived at work 15 minutes before 4. I walk into the back and put an apron on and reach behind me to tie it but there was someone already tieing it. I turned around to see my mom.

"I'll help you. Your dad just left. He has to make a bank run and a few deliveries and is going drinking after so it's just you and me. Until 6 and I'll go home and make dinner. Think you can hold the place up?" My mom asked in her quiet voice.

"Y-yes mom, I can h-handle it," I replied walking out of the back to the register.

"The school called and said you left during 2nd hour, does this have to do with the cut on your forehead?" my mother asked and I gave a look that said 'please don't tell dad I skipped'.

"Y-yeah, it was Clyde a-again. I'm sorry m-mom I just couldn't handle b-being there. The nurse would have f-forced me to s-stay if I went to her so I c-cleaned up at home. I already d-did the laundry and the t-towels and they are all p-put away." I told her about all I cleaned while she was gone. I told her about Craig and about what Kenny told me. I told her I was gonna meet Craig, and how nervous I was.

"Wear something warm Tweek. I don't know what he has planned but it will be cold. I will be in bed and so will your father so please don't wake him up." I nodded and it was official. I was gonna meet him.

My mom left at 6 and Kenny and Butters came in about 8 pm to get their hot chocolate. They saw a movie and we're going to go to Kenny's place and 'hang out'. They wished me a good night and left. I'm glad Butters is feeling better. He's had the flu for a few days now and I was starting to get worried. He looked better.

I was in the back cleaning glasses and plates when the bell rings at the front counter. I dry my hands off and put on some hand sanitizer. I walk out with my notepad. It was token and Nichole.

"M-may I take y-your o-order?" I ask. Nichol says she wants a peppermint mocha and Token asks for the regular (Black coffee). The order goes through and I give him his card back. I grab a to-go coffee cup and fill it with black coffee and set it on the counter and start the peppermint mocha.

"You know you can talk to me about Craig," Token states. "I won't tell Clyde."

"Y-yep," I say in an annoyed voice. Token was always on Clyde's side and will always betray me.

"I mean it Tweek" He tries pleading with me.

"Y-yep," I say in the exact same tone. I set the cup on the counter with two Candy Canes. "Have a nice night," I say walking into the back and I hear Token yell.

"I'm sorry!"

I turn on the water and I hear the bell ringing meaning they left. Token ever since I came out he was on Clyde's side when it came to whether to say hi to me. Even blocked me on Instagram and Facebook. Ugh! He's such a follower!

I finish the dishes and I sweep and wipe down all the tables. When I finish and Check the clock.


I went over my shift. It's fine. I put everything away and grabbed my stuff and locked the shop up.

I was walking to my car when I heard something.


It was quiet, but I know what I heard. I search around my car. Looking.

I then spot it. A kitten almost frozen. Covered in snow. I remember seeing that it was 6 degrees.

I run to it and kneel to the kitten. I pick them up and I unlock my car and put the heat on full blast. I take off my coat and warp the kitten in it.

I put the kitten in my lap and drive one handed to the animal hospital.

When I get there I pull in and jump out running into the place.

"Do you have an appointment?" The lady behind the desk asks me.

"N-no, I just f-found this kitten f-frozen half to d-death and I need a v-vet please!" I plead with her.

"Alright, follow me." She says getting up and opening the door into another room.

A vet takes the kitten from me and checks him. The lady asks me to go to the waiting room and I do as she says. I wait. I start pacing, fiddling with the buttons on my shirt. The vet comes out and hands me the wrapped kitten.

"The kitten is fine, Just keep him warm and he should be fine," he states. I ask if they sell anything here and he nods and hands me some kitten milk and some toys and I pay for them.

The kitten was moving around in the coat so I place him on the passenger seat. He moves around making little tiny meows.

I look at the radio and realize the time.

11: 56


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